#ESC2019: The best/worst lyric of 2019?

ESC2019: The best/worst lyric of 2019?

We all know that killer line in a song can make or break it. But what could be the crucial one this year?

Albania – Every song, every tear is just a bitter souvenir…

Armenia – First you said you kneeled, you swore

Australia – Nothing holding me down, nothing holding me down, Nothing holding me down now

Austria – The pressure on my chest becomes almost routine

Azerbaijan – She is a killer with that freaking perfume

Belarus – Ah, hashtag feel fine, yeah, tam da-da-dum

Belgium – I came to fight over you

Croatia – And turn this war into a hopeful work of art

Cyprus – I know you miss the taste, My heart beats like an 808

Czech Republic – There’s someone sliding up and down the ceiling

Denmark – Come over my long lost friend

Estonia – Even if the sky falls down, we can turn it all around

Finland – Is it in my head?

France – We choose our work, our hairstyle, our friends our routine

Georgia – Singing from the heart behind the barbed wire

Germany – I tried to hold you under but, honey, you kept breathing

Greece – I can’t fight this burning feeling inside

Hungary – I can still hear him in the voice of the wind

Iceland – Multilateral delusions, unilateral punishments

Ireland – It’s your house, number 22

Israel – I can hug the water when it snows

Italy – Tell me if you miss me or if you don’t give a f***, you don’t give a f***

Latvia – My mind did crazy things

Lithuania – If you wanna breathe, let’s go outside in the open

Malta – Inside a box, I’ll find my way out

Moldova – Go on as I breathe in you

Montenegro – I got used to feeling naked

The Netherlands – I got addicted to a losing game

North Macedonia – Show them what it means to stand up proudly

Norway – The violent nightshade they took away my light

Poland – It will make the eyes sparkle during the time on the road

Portugal – Nothing ever came from snitching

Romania – Watching the smoke, rise from the ashtray

Russia – Not so silent and innocent, acid rain from your finger prints

San Marino – Be a hero, be the rainbow, and say na na na

Serbia – I’m guarding you with my life.

Slovenia – I, as well, am but a snowflake that’s waiting for spring to come

Spain – You do it so well because you love yourself

Sweden – I could make it burn for you and me

Switzerland – Breakin’ necks, she breakin’ cups

United Kingdom – Take my hand and I’ll lead you home

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