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HALLOWE’EN: Eurovision goes bump in the night

#HALLOWE’EN: Eurovision goes bump in the night Hallowe’en and Eurovision. Does it scare you? Do you tremble on 31 October when you get a sinister knock at your door? Are you relieved when you find out it’s only the local kids going trick-or-treating? Or do you leave the […]

#ESC2022: Semi-final One predictions

#ESC2022: Semi-final One predictions As you’ll know, we at Eurovision Ireland reviewed the 40 songs (plus one other) from this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. We gave each one a score out of 50. You can find our seven reviews on the Eurovision Ireland Youtube channel HERE. But what […]

#ESC2022: Day trip to Lugano

#ESC2022: Day trip to Lugano Eurovision Ireland loves its history. And what better was to indulge this by visiting the home of the first Eurovision Song Contest. So we took an excursion from Turin to Lugano to see what the Swiss lakeside town had to offer. And did […]