The Naked Men of Eurovision – Part One

Cover Shot

Are you happy to get your kit off and then take a picture of it AND then post it on social media? Well if I wasn’t sooooo addicted to carbs I would have no hesitation to do so – damn you pasts and bread!

Many of your Eurovision stars don’t have my addiction to bad food and they are more than happy to bear more than just a little flesh!

This year’s Eurovision winner Mans Zelmerlow is not backwards in coming forward. When we caught up with him in Dublin he told us about being on Tinder and following him on Instagram we can see he’s enjoying life on the road touring – though he seems to have mislaid his luggage!

Oh he asked us to ‘Shake It’ and told us ‘This is the Night’. Well it looks like he is dressed for action!

Now the Friend in London singer Tim Schou got us to thinking about this naked men of Eurovision concept…..that sounds bad but Tim Schou’s new song ‘Gravity’ is a 4 minute naked romp. Zlata is shaking in her boots!

Trust us Tim when we say “enjoy gravity now” when you are young because as you get older ‘Gravity’ ain’t a friend!

Mihai Mihai Mihai – He is the most prolific Eurovision singer for sharing the delights of his ‘work out’ progress. Not a week goes by without a ‘Flesh Filled Photo’ from the Romanian 2006 singer. I sometimes feel like I know him better than myself #JustSaying

Here’s a selection. We especially like the homage to James Bond and the walking out of the sea in speedos 2 sizes too small!

Peek a Boo!

Now we need to go back to Sweden again. The saucy Swedes have a ‘lose’ relationship with clothes which is strange when you consider how cold it can get there.

Now Danny Saucedo has been runner-up at Melodifestivalen and he called out the results for Sweden at Eurovision 2011. He just can’t help showing us just how ‘Amazing’ he is AND not only ‘In The Club’. What we love is that Danny convinces others to ditch the shirt ad trousers too. Remind me to get a selfie with him in Stockholm!

No Danny’s dark haired nemisus is the one and only Eric Saade. What is it about driving a car that makes you go shirtless. The firstthink on my mind when I use a public toilet is not to take a shirtless selfie #JustSaying. It’s a mystery to me!

Oh La La! I will never look at my sock puppet in the same light again after seeing France’s 2014 act Twin Twin pose for this picture. HOWEVER the guys took the whole ‘No Clothes’ stakes to a new level. Not only did they pose for this picture but they then went on live French TV like this for an interview. Let’s just say that they must be happy to ‘Shake What Their Mama Gave Them’

Twin Twin - Photo : Twin Twin Facebook

Twin Twin – Photo : Twin Twin Facebook

Twin Twin Naked

So lets just say that our first crop of Eurovison men have set the bar high – innuendo alert! Trust us our EuroMen can’t stop posting these photos. I’m just jealous!

There are plenty more to follow and TRUST me when I say that the Eurovision Women are not letting the boys go without a fight so stay tuned for that too! We’re #EqualOpportunities here!

So as you cool yourself down or open your eyes slowly from the above attire abandonment – have you come across any other Eurovision singers who don’t like wearing clothes? Who has pushed the celluloid boundaries the most? Is it safe to go back in the clothing store again?

Don’t forget to check PART TWO of The Naked Men of Eurovision!

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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