Favourite Quotes

“Ireland 12 points”

“All Kinds of everything remind me of you” – Dana 1970

“What’s another year for someone whose getting used to being alone” – Johnny Logan 1980

“Hold me now” – Johnny Logan 1987

“Why me, I ask myself the question” – Linda Martin 1992

“In your eyes, I see the light, leading me home again” – Niamh Kavanagh 1993

“We were the Rock n Roll kids, rock and roll was all we did” – Paul Harrington and Charlie McGettigan 1994

“I am the Voice of the wind and the puring rain” – Eimear Quinn – 1996

“We’ve got the world tonight” – Mickey Harte – 2003

“If my world stopped turning in the morning” – Chris Doran 2004

“Love can build you up” – Donna and Joe 2005

“Every song is a cry for love” – Brian Kennedy 2006

“They can’t stop the spring” – Dervish 2007

“Oh Europe, Where oh where did it all go wrong – Irlande Douze Points” – Dustin the Turkey 2008

“Et Cetera, I heard that oh so many times” – Sinead Mulvey and Black Daisy 2009

“It’s for you” – Niamh Kavanagh 2010

“Lipstick on – here I come Dah Dah Dum” – Jedward 2011

“I am close to the WATERLINE” – Jedward 2012

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