Eurovision 2018

The Naked Men of Eurovision – Part Two

Ever since the publishing part one of the ‘The Naked Men of Eurovision‘ back in 2015, the public asked us if we’ll ever going to do a part two. Well, after four years, we thought it was the time to give our viewers an update with more recent contestants.

Are you happy to get your kit off and then take a picture of it AND then post it on social media? Many of our Eurovision stars are ready for the summer.


Freddie – Photo @Rising Star/ Lauren Outerson

Freddie, from Hungary, came in 19th place (108 points) in the 2016 contest with the song ‘Pioneer’.


Amir – Photo @

The sexy French singer sang to our hearts and we loved it, as he managed to finish 6th in the 2016 contest with 257 points with his song ‘J’ai cherche’.

Sergey Lazarev

Sergey Lazarev – photo

Sergey Lazarev was lucky enough to represent Russia both in 2016 and 2019. Both times he came 3rd (491 points in 2016 and 370 points in 2019) with amazing performances.

Robin Bengtsson

Robin Bengtsson @robertbengtssonmusic – facebook

The Swedish pop star sang to us that he can’t go on, but he did go on straight to number 5 top position with 344 points.



IMRI sang for Israel in 2017 and even though he finished 23rd with only 39 points, he had one of the most energetic performances and his charisma will never be forgotten.

Stay tunned for Part 3 – Soon to come

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