#MinskJournal: Day 7

So both the Dress Rehearsals are over on this, my seventh day in Minsk. One went particularly well, the Jury Final tonight, with a spare five minutes of running order to spare. This morning’s dress rehearsal was a completely different matter and ran over by well over 30-35 […]

#MinskJournal: Day 6

I’m still here in Minsk and we are now on the eve of the Dress Rehearsals. But today was the final day of second rehearsals and those taking part were mainly polishing their performances, rather than making any major changes. I took my first OFFICIAL visit into the […]

#MinskJournal: Day 5

Day 5 saw much the same from Day 1 of the first rehearsals on Tuesday, however it was Day 1 of the second rehearsals. We saw a lot of perfecting of performances and sorting out production elements of others. For me, today’s stand out was Ireland. While it […]

#JESC18: Postcard Concept Revealed

The concept for this year’s Postcards, the little 40sec clips between each performance, as been revealed. The participating acts recorded these postcards during Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. This year’s concept see’s the participant place on a set of Virtual Reality goggles, that transports them to different […]

#MinskJournal: Day 3

The first set of first rehearsals kicked off today and we were set for a treat. There was quite a variety presented to us from ten various participating countries. Whether it be props, lighting effects, back projections or costumes, we had a bit of everything.  Ireland’s Taylor Hyne’s […]

#MinskJournal: Day 2

The second day in Minsk has had it’s fun before we gathered for the opening ceremony earlier. Myself and our friends from ESC Insight walked down the road, to the arena to pick up our Accreditations – easier said than done. We ventured in and out of several […]

#MinskJournal: Day 1

Following on from my series of daily #RichardReflects articles in Lisbon, I’ll be writing in my #MinskJournal throughout my time here at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Day 1 can be summed up under two topics, the first been arriving into Minsk. For those that are yet to […]