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About OGAE

OGAE Ireland History

OGAE Ireland was born out of an idea in the early 1990’s. That idea was to create a group were like-minded people could share their love and enthusiasm for the Eurovision Song Contest. The club was set up by Eurovision fan Johnnie Walsh and in the beginning had just a handful of members. Johnnie led the club until 1997, when Charles Meagher took over the mantle of club President, which he oversaw for seven years. In 2004, due to personal reasons, Charles resigned from the club and in 2005 Diarmuid Furlong was elected the new President. Diarmuid has been successfully presiding over OGAE Ireland since late 2004.

OGAE Ireland Today

When Diarmuid took over the presidency in 2004, the Fan Club had 19 members, since then its membership has swelled to 118 members, much of which is probably due to various successfully organized Eurovision themed events, increasing the visibility of OGAE within Ireland.

OGAE Ireland | RTE | Eurosong

OGAE Ireland has a very strong working relationship with RTE, our national television station and Diarmuid Furlong has been on the judging panel for the past number of years to pick the Irish entries for EuroSong, our National final. In conjunction with RTE, we organize free tickets for all our members who wish to attend our national final each year.

 OGAE Ireland Events

As a club, OGAE Ireland tries to meet up socially a number of times each year. In the past 12 months, we had a

  • Eurovision weekend in Panti Bar in Dublin in October.
  • In February we enjoyed EuroBash, a charity concert featuring Leona Daly, Donna & Joe, Chris Doran, Sinead Mulvey and Niamh Kavanagh followed by a Eurovision disco. This will hopefully be an annual event.
  • In April we held our infamous Preview Party in the South-East of Ireland, which was a wonderful Eurovision night (and morning).
  • A post-Oslo party is in the pipeline for summer 2010.

OGAE Ireland takes part each year in all OGAE contests, which are co-coordinated by Bryan Craythorne. Almost half our members travel each year to their Mecca…which is… the Eurovision Song Contest.

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