#ESC2019 Semi-Final 2 – Borderline qualifiers?

Eurovision qualifiers from previous years

So we’ve seen the rehearsals, we’ve looked at the bookies favourites and we all have our favourites. Some acts are more certain to qualify than others, but who are the acts that are not quite there yet, but they still have a good chance to grab that desired 10th place in the Semi Final.

This is a personal opinion and it’s not trying to influence you in any way. I MUST stress this as last time some were confused: I’ve chosen 4 acts in order of their appearance on the stage and whilst they are on this list, I do think they all have the potential to qualify. Semi Final 2 it’s a tough one and no one can certainly know who will go through 🙂

So without any other further ado, here are my Top 4 contenders for the 10th place:

  1. Armenia – Srbuk

Arguments for qualifying higher: good vocals, potential to score well with the juries

Arguments against: the staging doesn’t scream vote for my song (only for my voice)

2. Denmark – Leonora

Arguments for qualifying higher: happy song, sing-along 🙂

Arguments against: even with the tall chair, it might not still stand out in this tough Semi Final

3. Croatia – Roko

Arguments for qualifying higher: Great vocals, memorable staging

Arguments against: Outdated song and I have to mention the staging again as a minus – with those wings, he might not be taken seriously

4. Malta – Michela

Arguments for qualifying: great song, good vocals

Arguments against: staging – looks weird in parts and the choreography needs to be on point

What do you think? Who is your 10th qualifier from Semi-Final 2?

Author: Bogdan-Stefan Fedeles

Source: Eurovision Ireland

Picture Source:

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  1. Please vote fir denmarks happy song with a great message and i like irelands hope we se you in the final you got my vote

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