JESC 2014 – Day 4 Rehearsals Live Rolling Blog

Junior Eurovision. Photo : JESC/EBU

Welcome to Malta and welcome to our rolling blog for the Day 4 rehearsals of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014. You know the drill by now. Just refresh the page to get the latest news on the contestants and their performances.

So we have Andrew all Day and Phil.  Garrett has ran away to deal with some Adult things in Skopje, so he says – we think he’s in Vienna Airport ( it would have been preferable).

Remember that our good friend Phil comes to us courtesy of OnEurope – so check him out too! No do it now – You know you want to!!


Phil : Wrecking ball meets JESC.  I didn’t pay much attention as was dealing with the adult schtick over the way on OnEurope but I think that its aiming for the youth sounds in a youth contest and that doesn’t gel for me.  The Chorus is sticky though, but that’s not going to be enough.  Glad it’s here as its the modern beat sound of a new generation….. but….

Andrew : Yes it is Wrecking Ball Mk 2. The dresses that they are all wearing are really over the top. Think bright red fluffy shower sponge with fluffy attachments. The song itself tends to pass me by and is not all that memorable.  It will not finish in the bottom 3 though.


Phil : It’s growning on me but It’s still Rock Bottom for me, but the girls are now in luminous skirts in pink and yellow,  but there is a problem for this song.  In years past, this would have fitted into the contest and done really well – the contest has now grown up and this song has not grown with it.  Vocally the girls are doing the best that they can with this song, and in this environment that is a damning thing to say. Still got my money on this to be plumb last.

Andrew : This song is still lost to my ears, it plods along at a mid pace and the girls try to drum up enthusiasm for it. The look cool in their luminious skirts and vocally it is fine, but the song is not memorable or catchy enough, easily forgotten when the votes come in.


Andrew : This is starting to grow on me. The guys doing the breakdancing certainly give it some energy. The vocals are fine and the song has a bit more to it than some of the others this morning. Its nowhere near a winner though and may finish around the middle reaches of the scoreboard.

Phil : Sadly didn’t see enough of this to make a second judgement – however from the Audio I still think that Josie is trying too hard to be a “good singer” and just not relaxed enough.

San Marino

Phil : They look like a girl group in waiting that has not just been thrown together for this contest and it shows in their performance.  More rioteuos multi coloured skirts on show today and they seem to have got rid of the bit where they start on the floor and the camera looks from the top (see the video for more details)….   Vocally, yeah not bad – not bad at all to be honest and it comes across really really well on screen and not over done and they seem to be likable through the medium of Television – Choreography looks very staged, however, and thats the only bad bit of the whole shebang to be honest. They even have a wind machine – all of which adds to the grown up feel of this song.  You take this and juxtapose it against, say, Montenegro, and the gulf in class shows.  Usually competent is a bad thing, but the girls are doing a job.  Where will it come? – Not sure… Possible lower top 10 but it will suffer from their own country not having a televote we think.

Andrew : They have done a good job with this I feel , it has come together well and its well performed by all the girls who certainly seem comfortable on the stage. It is trying to be a bit more grown up so hard to say if this will be an advantage or not. I do not think it will be top 5 but top 10 is achievable.


Phil : Unashamed bias here – I love this song.  To me it just has everything that makes it classy, good tune, good hook, a very good singer and that’s important.  Emilija looks one of the most accomplished performers on stage and that brings everything good in this song to the fore.  Emilija just needs to be slightly less wooden on stage and look like she’s enjoying it, and we’ve got a clear top 5 song here.

Andrew :  Emilija has a lot of experience coming into this competition and it shows in her performance. This is a classy Balkan ballad sung really well and should do very well come Saturday. It is virtually guaranteed 3 x 12 points from neighbours and enough decent points from others for at least top 5.


Phil : Ula is a good singer, don’t get me wrong but the song seems to be the problem here.  That may well manifest itself on the scoreboard on Saturday evening.  She’s a great little performer, with the right song though.  It has it’s charm however, with the staging and how Ula is presented on stage but I feel it is too weak and has not improved significantly to rise up the table.  To my old, weary and tired eye, this whole song is a bit tired..

Andrew :  Ula is so cute and sings very well. Unfortunately the song is not strong enough to make a big enough impact on the scoreboard on Saturday. But they are making as much of it as they possibly can with the staging.


Phil : Big around here, as you would expect the press centre has filled up rapidamente for this one.  Frederica performs this song, as we say, “right well” stood on her podium and she might be on another one come Saturday Evening as well.  This song has had wonders done to it since it was released and the, frankly bad, preview video but, boy, she has done a number on this one.  Number one? – Perhaps not – Number 2 or 3? – Nailed on.  The only thing that could stop her is some sort of block voting shenanigans but that shouldn’t happen.

Andrew : Malta to win 2 years running? Yea it is possible. Malta to finish in top 3? I am sure this will happen. Frederica is a stunning vocalist and this performance is way better than the others. I fear also the only thing that stops the win is the east. Would I come back to Malta next year if they host? Absolutely.


Phil : The final rehearsal!! – If I could hear it because the press conference moderator is being TOO LOUD behind the MDF partition but, that aside, it looks good on the monitors… Sadly that’s all I can say about it because as it has gone on, I still can’t tell you what it actually sounded like.  What I can tell you, however, is that the band are performing barefoot a la Sandie Shaw -well she’d have had to have started somewhere!! Think a toned down version of Wild Dances with naked toes and you won’t be far wrong.

Andrew : Think Wild Dances without the hunky male dancers too. Yeah it has it’s moments and is the only ethnic song in the contest. It will probably get reasonable votes from the east but not enough for a big finish.

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