“OGAE Armenia” and “OGAE Rest of the World”give their 12 points to ……..

OGAE Armenia Cast their Eurovision 2013 Votes

OGAE Armenia Cast their Eurovision 2013 Votes

Official Fan Site OGAE Armenia  and OGAE Rest of the World have cast their votes and give their Eurovision 2013 Predictions who they believe will win in Malmo. Their votes went to the following countries

OGAE Armenia

  • 12 points – Denmark
  • 10 points – Russia
  • 8 points – Austria
  • 7 points – Italy
  • 6 points – Ukraine
  • 5 points – San Marino
  • 4 points – Germany
  • 3 points – Sweden
  • 2 points – Greece
  • 1 point – Georgia

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Eurovision)

Next up are the votes of “OGAE Rest of the World”. This is for fan members who are not part of Europe. Their 12 points went to…

1 point – Switzerland

2 points – Norway

3 points – Sweden

4 points – United Kingdom

5 points – Georgia

6 points – Denmark

7 points – Germany

8 points – Netherlands

10 points – Italy

12 points – San Marino

Well done to Valentina Monetta from San Marino on scoring 12 points

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Eurovision) 


Where does this leave the overall OGAE Poll?

  1. Denmark – 50 Points
  2. San Marino – 30 Points
  3. Germany – 26 Points
  4. Italy – 26 Points
  5. Netherlands – 24 Points
  6. Russia – 21 Points
  7. Norway – 21 Points
  8. United Kingdom – 20 Points
  9. Azerbaijan – 18 Points 
  10. Sweden 17 Points

Can anyone catch Denmark? 

Author/Website Co-Founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – OGAE and Picture courtesy of Wikipedia

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  1. who cares about armos, history fakers who are always corrupting the voting system and everything that is civilized?

  2. Like the OGAE Rest of the World top 3!
    It seems rest of the world is more sensitive than Europe! This explains also why I like their choices as I no longer live in Europe 🙂

    I don’t get the hype over Germany & Sweden entries from all OGAE…And over UK too…I rather prefer Ireland and I am not trying to be nice to this site and Irish fans!

    OGAE Armenia has Russia as 2nd choice. Hmm…Who would’ve thought of that?!

    • That is a very good point Mag – It seems that the OGAE Rest of the World results were away from the Betting odds. Ireland hasn’t received any points so far from OGAE but they were not fans of Jedward either – and they made the final twice and the Top 10 in 2011. Who are your predictions for this year’s Grand Prix?

      • I’m not good at predictions and I don’t have a clear favorite either…

        Who I would like to see in top 5 (the order below is not the order of preference as I can’t decide, maybe after seeing them at rehearsals ):

        San Marino: I am impressed with the improvement from last year (when it had a silly song) and I subjectively…like Italian songs.

        Italy: very strong performance. I feel that San Marino’s song is better.

        Norway: not impressed initially, but it’s growing on me. Don’t see any similarity with Euphoria and I was no fan of Euphoria, so there is other explanation for me liking it.

        Israel – I liked it from start, thought it’s too much pain there…, still I like it.

        Ireland – it was instant hit with me when the video was released, nevertheless the live performance needs improvement.

        These are the best for me.

        Then next level is made of Netherlands, Denmark, Moldova & Azerbaijan. I’m in serious doubts with Azerbaijan over the live performance though. The video posted on Eurovision site is great, but it’s another one on YouTube that shows a very weak performance.

        Then I want CEZAR to do well, but it’s a very controversial entry, so I’m reserved in any predictions. His voice is better emphasized by songs like ‘It’s time for us’ or ‘Cinema Paradiso’.

        • That is a great summary Mag – I would agree with a lot of your songs – though like you I will reserve judgement until I see it live and how the acts interact with the camera on the Bigger Eurovision Stage. Some songs and performers rise to the occasion while others fail to impress.

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