Current Eurovision 2014 Betting Odds Per Semi Final and Overall Winner

Current Betting Odds. Photo : Odds Checker

Current Betting Odds. Photo : Odds Checker

Do you want to part with your hard-earned money? Well you have 2 choices to gamble that money – either buy a holiday home in the Crimea or place a bet on who will win Eurovision. The former is probably a safer bet! With just 2 weeks to go until we begin our live coverage from Copenhagen for Eurovision 2014, the betting odds are getting more interesting as the weeks have gone on. We have the current betting odds on who is expected to qualify from the 2 Semi Finals and ultimately who is the favourite to win Eurovision 2014. Using Oddschecker we have the full break down for you for Eurovision 2014 and I will tell you what songs are overrated and underrated.


Semi Final 1 Betting Odds


Seen as having the overall potential 2 contenders for Eurovision 2014 – semi Final 1 is a tougher contest to qualify from.

Sweden and Armenia are far ahead of the rest of the field. if you can find good odds on them then let me know! In the betting for who will qualify for the Grand Final from this semi final the odds are as follows


  1. Armenia – QUALIFY
  2. Sweden – QUALIFY
  3. Azerbaijan – QUALIFY
  4. Hungary – QUALIFY
  5. Ukraine – QUALIFY
  6. Russia – QUALIFY
  7. Belgium – QUALIFY
  8. Estonia – QUALIFY
  9. Moldova – QUALIFY
  10. Montenegro – QUALIFY
  11. Netherlands
  12. Iceland
  13. Albania
  14. Latvia
  15. San Marino
  16. Portugal


Garrett’s take on these odds – Moldova is a song that I struggle to see the wide and instant appeal to the general public. As Petra Mede said last year “I know a Drag Queen when I see one”. With so much blusher it is not just “Get The London Look” but the Paris, Milan and half the capitals of Europe look at one go. Less is more dear Cristina. Moldova have a good record at qualifying for the Grand Final yet when I think back to when I saw the song for the first time (March seems a lifetime away in Eurovision Years) I was struggling to see the attraction here. It took me several listens to appreciate this song – which I now do – but unless you have a stage invasion (Spain 2010) or a Hair Malfunction (Belgium 2013) then you won’t get a second opportunity to see this again so savour the performance in the Semi Final!

Russia has the “unknown” factor at this year’s contest. I will have an Editorial on this subject during the week so will not bore you needlessly here but suffice to say that Russia have undeniably gone for an act that is sickly sweet this year in the hope of deflecting anti political sentiment. They will need one seriously HUGE deflector that would put Star Trek to shame. However do people look at Eurovision and not keep in mind what is going on in that country?

Do people mentally check out when looking at the contest and forget internal and international controversy? How could anyone take their political frustrations out on two Junior Eurovision Winners who look like they are 2 lost kittens. Well that is what Russia 1 (National Broadcaster) want you do but are we that fickle? I will save that for the editorial. Suffice to say that I think Russia could be in a battle to qualify for the Grand Final – but would you want to be a judge who doesn’t vote for them from a former USSR state? Remember your votes will be on-line for all to see after the Grand Final on May 10th!

Latvia all the way down in 14th place? I think that “Cake To Bake” is going to have plenty of self-raising flour in it to see it rise higher in the rankings. Even though performing in second place, it now comes after the somewhat controversial Armenian favourite. Come on people who doesn’t have a sweet tooth and like cake! When I see them on stage I just want to eat them up – “Oh Matron”. Expect this feel good factor song to do better than the bookmakers try to tell you it will do! Even Nigella Lawson would have a hard time finding “special ingredients” to make this cake any tastier and we all know her larder is well stocked with many “interesting” flavours.

Iceland’s school teachers – yes they are school teachers – continue their lessons on “Prejudice” and seem to be converting the masses and increasing our IQ and love of all things Icelandic! My guilty pleasure in this semi final!

So what of the madness in Semi Final 2?



Semi Final 2 Betting Odds



Sanity almost prevails in the betting odds for this semi final. There has been a lot of movement and the betting odds on who will qualify from this semi final are as follows


  1. Norway – QUALIFY
  2. Romania – QUALIFY
  3. Ireland – QUALIFY
  4. Greece – QUALIFY
  5. Malta – QUALIFY
  6. Austria – QUALIFY
  7. Poland – QUALIFY
  8. Israel – QUALIFY
  9. Finland – QUALIFY
  10. Belarus – QUALIFY
  11. Slovenia
  12. FYR Macedonia
  13. Georgia
  14. Lithuania
  15. Switzerland


Are we staying in Scandinavia for Eurovision 2015 due to Norway? Well my bank balance might struggle with the prospect and I may find myself selling a kidney to fund another year in Northern Europe. However Carl Espen is a good bet to win this semi final. Sounding like a broody Scandi TV Drama Theme song, he is a cuddly bear up close and personal.

Romania suffers from being unfairly compared to Paula and Ovi’s previous performance at Eurovision 2010. I get that myself a lot too. People see my old Facebook pictures and then meet me – the disappointment in their faces is evident (this is where you send in your comments to build up my self confidence people). Will this finish second in the Semi Final? I think this will qualify easily but not as high as the betting suggests. 3D effects will be used in their performance in Copenhagen so you have been told.

Ireland leaps up in the bookmakers odds. I can feel my own “Heartbeat” jump at that prospect – or is that just the side effects of red bull again on me! Up to third favourite in this semi final that has to bring an even bigger smile to Kasey and put an even higher spring in the dancers steps.

I think that the Top 10 qualifiers look very plausible except for one. I think Tijana from the FYR of Macedonia will score much higher. She wowed in Amsterdam and she is a PR dream. This is much more instant than say Israel that people seem to be comparing to each other. Tijana benefits from singing fully in English and her stage performance is set to be full of flair and will be remembered – just look at her interview with us recently.


What of the 6 Automatic Grand Finalists – Uk, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Denmark (Host Country)?


The Big 6


Who is higher in the betting odds to score well at Eurovision from the Big 5 and the host country Denmark?

Well Denmark are up to 3rd favourite to win Eurovision. I am blue in the face telling people that this is a strong contender and it looks like people are finally listening to me – “Can you feel the force”. What is not to like – a cheeky infectious pop song with a good placing in the Grand Final from a camera friendly and unassuming singer. The double win could be on the cards for Denmark.

Next is Molly from the UK. She is up to 5th in the betting odds and a deserved high ranking. “Children of the Universe” is an anthemic melodic song from an up and coming talented singer – unlike the previous two UK Eurovision representatives she does not own a Bus Pass or claims a pension! This will be the best chance for the UK to make it back to the Top 5 since 2009 and thankfully Andrew Lloyd Weber is nowhere in sight. With a good place in the running order this could do well fro the UK and worth a flutter.

Italy is next up as 13th favourite to win Eurovision. Emma is one of my favourite Italian singers but this is a case of the wrong song for the contest. Recent live performances at the German national final looked and sounded laboured. I found myself lunging for the Tiramasu as that is a tasty Italian classic which “La Mia Città” unfortunaletly is not. The best way to describe this is placing Lewis Hamilton in a Lada and asking him to compete in Formula One. No matter how good the singer/driver is they are not going to win any prizes without the right vehicle. I am severely frustrated with the Italian entry that should have been a contender with Emma performing!

Spain’s Ruth Lorenzo is down in 16th place. Are you crazy Mr Paddy Power and all the other Bookmakers! Lorenzo’s “Dancing in The Rain” went down a treat in Amsterdam and I have no problem admitting to shedding a tear or two during her performance. Between my dry contact lenses and the strength of that Dutch local beer I was somewhat emotional. What you cannot deny is that when Ruth sings live she adds an extra 20% to the song. Not a winner but a strong contender for a Top 10 finish. This will benefit from being sung in both Spanish and English. Watch this one confound critics looking for a quick jibe at a former X-Factor contestant at Eurovision.

Germany down in 20th place. If points were being awarded for one of the most entertaining selection processes this year at Eurovision, then Germany would have to be in the Top 3. They managed to attract big local acts and also brought young new talent to the contest. All countries should take a bit out of that German Sausage. Germany have a great little unconventional pop song from a new band. However I do think it may struggle to find mass appeal between both the Jury and the Public -which will be a shame. Having said that, the song has been Top 5 in Germany and most of the national finalists have made the Top 20 too. That is a result in itself as it is building the German Eurovision fanbase ensuring that the contest is seen as relevant in the country.

France are all the way down in 24th place. “You cannot be serious” as one throws their tennis racquet to the ground in total disbelief – Zut Alors C’est Incroyable. Funky French Hip Hop from a cool trio. Totally memorable and for all the right reasons! What these guys have going for them is the fact that the live performance of their song “Moustache” is much more entertaining than the studio version. Lucky for them Eurovision is a live event. Highly underrated and should finish higher that 24th. #JustSaying

So there you have a full rundown on the current betting odds. Just 2 weeks away to the start of the rehearsals in Copenhagen on April 28th. That is when hopes are dashed as some delegations decide to make ridiculous decisions and some singers get the shock of their lives when they step foot onto a giant Eurovision stage. That is when the sales in Andrex Toilet Tissue go through the roof in the Eurovision Host City.

Don’t fear – the Eurovision team will be there from day one bringing you all the news, views and gossip and we have a few surprises lined up for you!

So who is getting a bet from you this Eurovision?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Odds Checker and Eurovision Ireland


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  1. I think Ukraine and Hungary are underestimated for first semi final victory, I find that 7 times your money back on those would be better bets than Sweden or Armenia.

  2. Do you guys want to know Ireland’s odds in Norway, Macedonia, Estonia and Russia?

    2/1 favourites (FYROM)
    3/4 favourites (Est.)
    Evens favourites (Norway)
    3/11 favourites (Rus.)

    Having said that, do you think Ireland has a good chance of winning Eurovision 2014?

  3. I think that the Tolmachevy sisters will get booed on behalf of Russia … just as the fleeting image of Dina Garipova did at the London Eurovision party. And that was before most people got drinking.

  4. I think Germany could finish low in the grand-finals. Elaiza isn’t even touring around Europe and even though the song is great + lead singer is adorable, the whole performance could be forgotten like Switzerland 2011.

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