Lys Assia snubs Switzerland on her official fan page and selects her Top 20 songs of Eurovision 2013

Lys Assia - The First Eurovision Winner in 1956 delivers her Top 20 of Eurovision 2013

Lys Assia – The First Eurovision Winner in 1956 delivers her Top 20 of Eurovision 2013

Lys Assia – Eurovision’s First Lady – has delivered her Top 20 favorite songs at this year’s Eurovision song contest for 2013. In a turn of events she has not placed her fellow Swiss Act “Takasa” and their song “You and Me” in her Top 10. She has placed them at number 11. Is this just a coincidence or is there a message being delivered here that she does not see the Swiss entry as being worthy of a Top 10 finish? What is also notable is that she has not placed the current betting favorite Denmark in her Top 20!

Lys’ page has given the following Top 20 as follows and her favorite is 

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Eurovision)

1. San Marino
2. The Netherlands
3. UK
4. Russia
5. Israel
6. Azerbaijan
7. Italy
8. Croatia
9. FYR Macedonia
10. Norway
11. Switzerland
12. Belarus
13. Ukraine
14. Moldova
15. Georgia
16. France
17. Ireland
18. Malta
19. Belgium
20. Germany

Ms Assia has attempted for the past 2 years to represent Switzerland at Eurovision. Her entry this year was for us the highly infectious “All in Your Head” featuring New Jack. Should have been in the Swiss National Final.


(YouTube Video Courtesy of pflatsch01)

Do you think Ms Assia has selected a wise Top 20 for Eurovision 2013?

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

(Source – Lys Assia Official Facebook and photograph courtesy of Tumblr)

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  1. I notice that her top 8 is made of ballads or mid-tempo songs. Why not if one considers this genre is musically better than up-tempo and dance songs (Norway is the only dance song in her top 10 and it finishes it actually).
    I would say it is a logical top 10 based on this observation, but it reflects only hers.

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