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Eurovision Presenters – Carrie Crowley takes to the stars

Carrie Crowley - Irish Eurovision Presenter 1997

Carrie Crowley – Irish Eurovision Presenter 1997

Being a Eurovision Presenter is a highlight in a journalists/presenters career and can open up many opportunities for them. This is the case for Irish born Carrie Crowley who steered Eurovision 1997 in Dublin with Ronan Keating. Carrie dazzled on the night where RTE wanted to show a younger and brighter image of Ireland to Europe and the World. So what has happened to Carrie?

Following her time at Eurovision, Carrie was presenting every conceivable show on RTE (Irish National Broadcaster) however in a shock move Carrie left presenting behind and decided that she wanted to take acting lessons and take to the stage. Following many years perfecting her craft and working in small productions to learn as much as she could – Carrie looks as if she is set make the leap to the Big Screen.

Eurovision presenter 1997 - Carrie Crowley - in the Sci Fi Movie "Earthbound"

Eurovision presenter 1997 – Carrie Crowley – in the Sci Fi Movie “Earthbound”

‘Earthbound’ is the story of Joe, a science-fiction fanatic who believes he is an alien and sets out to convince the girl of his dreams that he is from a different planet. Crowley  fights aliens from alternative universes in the role of “Vera Ellis”. The role is one of the supporting characters but is pivotal to the movie and has gained the attention of many Hollywood Studios who are interested in exploring her character further.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of RippleWorldPictures)

Carrie will also be in the upcoming movie “An Inch” where she plays a gangsters wife which is due for release later this year. Here is the moment when Carrie  took to the stage at Eurovision in 1997 (the last time the contest was held in Ireland)


(YouTube Video Courtesy of escBelgium4)

Author/Website C0-Founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

(Photographs courtesy of eurovisiondungeon and

Source Irish Independent and Eurovision Ireland

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