Eurovision Voting Polls 2013 – Update on who leads and can anyone catch Cezar?

Winners and Losers in our on-line Eurovision 2013 Polls - Have you voted yet?

Winners and Losers in our on-line Eurovision 2013 Polls – Have you voted yet?

Eurovision Ireland opened their on-line voting polls for Semi Final 1 & 2 and The Big Six. After 2 full days we have over 3,000 votes have been cast so far. So who are your Predictions for Eurovision 2013? There are many surprises to date.

Semi Final 1

Semi Final 1 contains the betting favorite Denmark, however if the result stays the same way by the end of the month, then Emmelie De Forest will certainly have “Only Teardrops” as she finds herself in third place to Ireland’s Ryan Dolan and his song “Only Love Survives” and The Netherland’s Anouk and her song “Birds”. However only 1% separates the top 4 countries – Ireland, The Netherlands, Denmark and Russia. Austria, Ukraine and Serbia are then very close together with Belarus, Moldova and Slovenia currently taking the final 3 qualifying places. The Top 16 looks like this 

  1. Ireland – 10.07%
  2. The Netherlands – 9.91%
  3. Denmark – 9.74%
  4. Russia – 9.33%
  5. Austria – 8.91%
  6. Ukraine – 8.83%
  7. Serbia – 7.16%
  8. Belarus – 5.83%
  9. Moldova – 5.5%
  10. Slovenia – 4.25%
  11. Estonia – 3.83%
  12. Cyprus – 3.66%
  13. Belgium -3.58%
  14. Croatia -3.41%
  15. Montenegro – 3.41%
  16. Lithuania – 2.58%

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Ryan Dolan)

Have you voted in Semi Final 1? You can vote every day until the end of April –  here – using this link

Semi Final 2

This is where the voting gets very interesting. All eyes were on Margaret Berger from Norway as the favorite. However the voting so far sees Cezar from Romania with almost 3 times the amount of votes of Norway. This is turning the betting odds on its head.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Eurovision013TV)

The voting looks as follows

  1. Romania – 18.87%
  2. Norway – 7.47%
  3. Greece – 6.76%
  4. San Marino – 6.68%
  5. Azerbaijan – 6.68%
  6. Malta – 6.6%
  7. Georgia – 6.05%
  8. Finland – 5.74%
  9. Switzerland – 5.6%
  10. Iceland – 5.55%
  11. Israel – 5.42%
  12. Armenia – 3.54%
  13. Bulgaria – 3.46%
  14. FYR Macedonia – 3.22%
  15. Hungary – 2.91%
  16. Albania – 2.76%
  17. Latvia – 2.67%

Can Cezar continue to continue to dominate the Poll? Have you voted yet? You can vote every day until the end of April at this link

Our third poll is that of the Big 6. So who is winning that battle?

We have a titanic battle on our hands. 3% separates the Top 3 countries and the chart has changed on an hourly basis. At present it looks like this.

  1. Germany – 27.38%
  2. UK – 26.23%
  3. Spain – 23.77%
  4. Italy – 13.28%
  5. Sweden – 8.85%
  6. France – 0.49%

The Uk had been leading with almost 50% of the vote at one stage but now Bonnie Tyler finds herself narrowly behind Cascada from Germany.


(YouTube Video Courtesy of Eurovision)

Remember you can vote every day for the month of April at this link


Make sure to have your vote as our Poll seems to be throwing up many surprises when compared to the Betting Odds across Europe. 

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

(Photograph courtesy of eliteldaily)

12 replies »

  1. Can we have an interview with the winner, Cezar? Is it possible, Eurovision Ireland? Thank you for considering it.

  2. Cezar will be, for sure, the nicest surprise in Malmo. His number will be a special one. He will delight the audiences with his voice and his talent. Even if he won’t be the winner, he will be appreciated. Good luck Cezar!

  3. Have 9/10 in s/f1 so far and 8/10 in s/f2.
    Don’t quite get Romania leading it’s poll, I appreciate Cezar’s talent but the song does nothing for me. Disappointing to see Hungary & Montenegro doing so poorly. Not that surprised Germany leads the Big6 but am at Spain and UK above the others. Am sure there’ll be a few twists and turns before the final poll presents itself.

  4. I think that there is no one who can catch Cezar! He is the best of the best..Talented and handsome and his song makes my skin like a chicken one ! :))

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