What are Youtube’s Eurovision 2016 hits (6 April)?

April 6th

We continue to look at how the 43 songs from 2016 are doing in terms of their Youtube hits. These are based on the Official Videos which you can find on the official Eurovision Youtube channel HERE.

In a break with the previous charts, I’ve this time broken them charts down into the two semi-finals, and the finalists. So what’s hot and what’s not, as at 1800 CET on Wednesday 6 April?

In the first semi-final, it’s nip and tuck between neighbours Samra from Azerbaijan and Iveta from Armenia. Samra currently leads.


Here are the top 10:

1 Azerbaijan
2 Armenia
3 Malta
4 Croatia
5 Russia
6 Bosnia & Herzegovina
7 Czech Republic
8 Netherlands
9 Greece
10 Cyprus

Would you be happy if these were the ten qualifiers?

Here’s how the rest shape up:

11 Iceland
12 Hungary
13 Austria
14 San Marino
15 Estonia
16 Montenegro
17 Moldova
18 Finland

Iceland just misses out.


In semi-final two, we have Michał continuing to remain a popular bunny and hold his own.

He’s ahead of this top 10 group.

1 Poland
2 Australia
3 Bulgaria
4 Serbia
5 Belgium
6 Belarus
7 Ukraine
8 Albania
9 Macedonia
10 Israel

Some popular tunes, and maybe one or two surprises. Here are the remaining nine.

11 Denmark
12 Lithuania
13 Norway
14 Ireland
15 Switzerland
16 Slovenia
17 Latvia
18 Georgia
19 Romania

Lighthouse X from Denmark are very close to a top 10 position.

You may be wondering how the ‘Big5+1’ are shaping up. Do you think this is how they will finish on Grand Final night?

1 France
2 Spain
3 Italy
4 United Kingdom
5 Sweden
6 Germany

Amir from France still appears to have it in the bag.


Do you think this is a fair reflection of the qualifiers and ‘Big 5+1’? Or is there an underrated song out there that will surprise us all?

Stay tuned for the next update on Sunday.

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Author: John Stanton


Source: Eurovision Ireland

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