Which countries are Eurovision 2016’s Youtube favourites (3 April)?

Youtube chart

As you’ll know, we’ve been tracking the fortunes of the videos of the 43 songs through their Youtube hits. These figures are based on the Official Videos on the official Eurovision Youtube channel. There are other videos of the songs on there, but we’re only counting the Official Video hits. Here we are as at 1800 CET on Sunday 3 April.

We have the same leader in Michal Szpak from Poland, and there have been a few movements in the top 10.

1(1) Poland
2(2) Australia
3(3) France
4(4) Bulgaria
5(6) Armenia
6(5) Serbia
7(7) Azerbaijan
8(8) Malta
9(9) Spain
10(10) Croatia


There have been changes further down.

11(11) Russia
12(12) Bosnia & Herzegovina
13(13) Czech Republic
14(14) Netherlands
15(16) Belgium
16(15) Italy
17(17) Greece
18(27) United Kingdom
19(18) Sweden
20(19) Ukraine



21(21) Iceland
22(23) Cyprus
23(20) Albania
24(22) Macedonia
25(25) Germany
26(24) Israel
27(29) Denmark
28(28) Belarus
29(26) San Marino
30(30) Austria



31(31) Hungary
32(34) Lithuania
33(32) Estonia
34(33) Montenegro
35(35) Norway
36(36) Moldova
37(40) Ireland
38(37) Finland
39(38) Switzerland
40(39) Latvia
41(43) Slovenia
42(41) Georgia
43(42) Romania



Ireland continues to climb. But which are your favourites? Are they climbing or falling?

Stay tuned for the next update on Wednesday.

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Author: John Stanton


Source: Eurovision Ireland

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