OGAE BELARUS VOTE – 2nd Round of OGAE Votes Are In – Who Excited Belarus?

Vover Pic after Belarus - Jury 2

OGAE Belarus have just awarded their votes for the annual OGAE Poll.

Yesterday we had the votes from OGAE Rest of The World – SEE HERE


OGAE Belarus Voted 


1 Pt – Poland

2 Pts – Hungary

3 Pts – Austria

4 Pts – Bulgaria

5 Pts – Armenia

6 Pts – Spain

7 Pts – Ukraine

8 Points – France

10 Points – Australia

12 Points – Russia


And that creates a tie at the top with Sergey Lazarev and Dami Im both on 22 points.

The Leaderboard Looks Like This  – After 2 Juries


After Belarus Votes - Jury 2


Is this a pattern forming already with France, Australia and Russia taking the top 3 sets of points?

Some say there is the ‘Curse of the OGAE Poll’ and we explored that last year – READ HERE


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Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall
Source: OGAE

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