OGAE Slovenia’s Eurovision Votes – #Sunlight & #Dona Score

Jury 3 - Slovenia Cover Shot

OGAE Slovenia have just awarded their votes for the annual OGAE Poll and it’s good news for Nicky Byrne and Kaliopi.


Following on from the votes of Belarus here are the Top 10 countries according to Slovenia.


OGAE Slovenia Votes


1 Pt – Azerbaijan

2 Pts – Macedonia

3 Pts – Serbia

4 Pts – Latvia

5 Pts – Italy

6 Pts – Australia

7 Pts – Austria

8 Pts – Ireland

10 Pts – France

12 Pts – Russia


The votes of Slovenia took 5 countries off zero points – Ireland, Macedonia, Serbia, Italy and Latvia.


Leader Board After 3 Juries


Slovenia - Jury 3


Russia’s Sergey Lazarev is only 2 points short of having a perfect 100% score after the first 3 sets of votes. However let’s show you a video of a country that should have already scored. We give you Minus One from Cyprus and their song ‘Alter Ego’.

Who should have scored already? Have the OGAE Juries got it right so far?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : OGAE Slovenia

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