#POLL – What is your favourite Eurovision 2017 song SO FAR? 3rd Edition


One of the best things about being a Eurovision fan is sharing your opinion with others – and we here at Eurovision Ireland are always on social  media, we know that you feel the same way!

We’ve been conducting polls to find out what you feel about this year’s songs. And boy oh boy, have you let us know what you think! You can have another look back at the 1st edition and 2nd edition polls from the last few weeks.

Our last poll was a particularly interesting one… as well as getting over 5,000 individual votes, one country stormed ahead very early on and we thought no one would ever be able to catch them – BUT SOMEONE DID!!! It was like watching the 2016 voting all over again!! 😀


After a vicious battle, (the Top 2 changed several times in one hour at one point!) France came 1st, pushing Georgia into 2nd after their initial decisive lead. The UK slipped into 3rd place, while Italy were 4th and Finland were 5th.

Now you have 18 entries to choose from – so you know what that means! Time for another poll! Each poll will be independent, meaning the results of the previous poll(s) do not affect the current one. Will it still be France and Georgia battling it out for 1st place? Or will new country seize the crown? Can we predict the winner together? Let’s see!

Still not sure who your favourite is? Need a little more convincing? Here are the songs for you to listen to before  you cast your vote!

ALBANIA – Lindita”Botë”

BELARUS – NAVI Band “Historyja Majho Žyccia”

DENMARK – Anja Nissen “Where I Am”

FINLAND – Norma John “Blackbird”

FRANCE – Alma “Requiem”

GEORGIA – Tako Gachechiladze “Keep The Faith”

GERMANY – Levina “Perfect Life”

HUNGARY – Joci Pápai “Origo”

ITALY – Francesco Gabbani “Occidentali’s Karma”

LATVIA – Triana Park “Line”

MOLDOVA – SunStroke Project “Hey, Mamma!”

MALTA – Claudia Faniello “Breathlessly”

POLAND – Kasia Moś “Flashlight”

SLOVENIA – Omar Naber “On My Way”

SPAIN – Manel Navarro “Do It For Your Lover”

SWITZERLAND – Timbelle “Apollo”

UKRAINE – O.Torvald “Time”

UNITED KINGDOM – Lucie Jones “Never Give Up On You”

Now it’s over to you! VOTE!

Author: James Scanlan

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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