#PORTUGAL : Who has Qualified from Last night’s 2nd Semi Final of Festival da Canção 2017?


The second Semi Final of Festival da Canção 2017 in Portugal  has just finished so who has qualified for the  Final? 

Lena d’Água, Pedro Gonçalves, Celina da Piedade and Jorge Benvinda have qualified for the Final at Coliseu dos Recreios in Lisbon on March 5th.


So we now have a full line up for the Final next Sunday.

Viva la Diva – Nova Gloria

Salvador Sobral – Amar Pelos Dois

Fernando Daniel – Poema A Dois

Deolinda Kinizimba – O Que Eu Vi Nos Meus Sonhos

Lena d’Água – Nunca me fui embora

Pedro Gonçalves – Don’t walk away

Celina da Piedade – Primavera

Jorge Benvinda – Gente bestial


Who do you think will be the winner for Portugal who will go to Kyiv?

Feel free to comment below.

Author: Andrew Main

Source: RTP , Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Salvador to Kiev please. Other than that, I wouldn’t mind Jorge, Deolinda, Celina or Pedro. Any of those five but not the appalling Viva la Diva (popera at its naffest) and he who is devoid of any charisma – Fernando (I know Keith Mills is heavily involved with it but it’s an awful song and very poorly staged imo). Really wish for Portugal to do well. Good luck.

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