BIG POLL : What 10 Countries Should Qualify From Semi Final 2 at Eurovision 2016?

Semi Final 2 - Big Poll

It’s time for the Second BIG POLL!

No dirty comments but we open the second of our 3 BIG INTERNATIONAL POLLS for Eurovision 2016. All the songs for Semi Final 2 have now been presented and we want to know what 10 countries you think should qualify for the Eurovision Grand Final. Either vote for 1 song or pick 10 – YOU DECIDE! Will they differ from the Betting Odds?

This poll will be open from now until the eve of Semi Final 2. You can select your 10 favourite songs and as the acts begin to promote their songs you may change your mind on how you think they will perform at the contest – so you can vote throughout the season.

We will give you weekly updates on the progress of the songs.

You are always vocal about this poll so don’t be shy and have your say! VOTE, SHARE and COMMENT

Need a reminder of the songs well here is playlist of the songs from Semi Final 2 just for you. They are in alphabetical order just to make it easy for you.

Also check out the POLL For Semi Final 1 HERE. So what 10 countries should qualify for the Grand Final from Semi Final 1 at Eurovision 2016?

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Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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