BELARUS : Will Ivan really perform NAKED in Sweden?


Well, I did have to check the calendar to make sure that it wasn’t the 1st of April and that this wasn’t, actually, a Belarusian attempt at an April Fools joke – but no, I’m assured it is still March 21st and that this story genuinely appeared in earlier today.

According to this news Belarusian singer Ivan will shock the audience when he performs nude on stage at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, well it’ll save a fortune on the wardrobe budget! Not only will Ivan be naked, he’ll also be accompanied with wolves on stage too!

Apparently the message of the performance is to highlight that there is not that much difference between man and beast. (I am attempting not to put a ! at the end of every sentence) However, we are told that he and his team need to get special permission for having animals on stage as it is forbidden in the rules of ESC (there is no suggestion that he is seeking permission to be nude on stage, just for the animals). Swedish broadcasters are reported as not quite knowing what to say to this suggestion at the moment.

European bookmakers estimate him as an outsider at the Song Contest this year, Ivan’s song ‘Help You Fly’ is Belarus’ 13th entry into Eurovision, their best result was in 2007 when Dmitry Koldon placed 6th with ‘Work Your Magic’.

As stage gimmicks go, this would definitely fall into the more bizarre end of the spectrum if Ivan and his team are really trying to stage it in this way. We have seen quite a bit of flesh at Eurovision in the past, but never anyone completely starkers! So what do you think, is this just a ploy for a bit of publicity or are we about to witness something at ESC that we’ve never seen before?

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Author: Lisa-Jayne Lewis

Thanks to Alice Demeneva from Conchita’s RusUnstoppables for the translation help – Cheers Alice!



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  1. I’m sure it’s in the Eurovision rules that animals are not allowed on the Eurovision stage.

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