EUROVISION 2016 BETTING ODDS : Who is leading as of March 13th?

Betting Odds March 13th

Who is favourite to win Eurovision 2016?

Last night Sweden selected Frans to be the host country’s representative at Eurovision in Stockholm though not overwhelmingly – SEE HERE. On-line reaction has been mixed from the fans but don’t we all love to be controversial!

Lithuania brought us Donny Montell and his badly dyed blond hair – change it back Donny. You’re fooling none of us!

Then in under the radar slipped Serbia and Azerbaijan’s songs that are rather good!

So who is leading the betting?


The Top 10

Top 10 March 13th

Sweden and Russia continue their battle for ultimate supremacy and I don’t just mean in the Baltic Sea!

However the emergence of Croatia into 3rd place is a complete anomaly! This is a result that one struggles to find actually happening on the night. Song and singer will be popular in the Balkan’s where Nina is popular but outside of that I fail to see where the general votes will come from – See our ‘Initial Thoughts’ on the song ‘Lighthouse’ HERE.

Serbia released their song last night under the social media frenzy of Sweden and to a lesser extent Lithuania, yet Eurovision fans have jumped on the band waggon rather sharply. ZAA and her song ‘Goodbye (Shelter)’ remains an unknown quantity yet – SEE HERE

Poland continues to slip down the rankings from where they were once first when people thought they would send Margaret and ‘Cool Me Down’. That story had a different ending courtesy of Michal and his ‘Oh oh oh ohhhhhhhh’ song as we are calling it!- see HERE

What is interesting to see is that the odds on Sweden’s win are beginning to drift while Russia’s are shortening. Maybe Russia will reclaim the top stop shortly.


Bottom 5

Bottom 5 as of March 13th

This is an interesting group as one can make a case for San Marino, Georgia and Montenegro to qualify for the Grand Final.

San Marino released Serhat’s Eurovision song this week and one fails to realise and take into consideration that he is a well-known Turkish Singer. There is such a lot of Turkish diaspora right across Europe and as they themselves are not in the contest then San Marino is the next best thing for them to vote for along with Azerbaijan. With the new Eurovision voting system the public vote for San Marino could be strong and could surprise people and qualify for the final.

Georgia has brought something different to the contest. They released their official video and you can see they are definitely out there on a limb. If you are looking for the alternative with an Oasis vibe then this could sneak a place in the final.


Most Popular bets

Most Popular Bets As of March 13th

This is really interesting. Despite Poland falling harder than Madonna off the stage at the Brits award last year – there are a lot of very small bets bets being placed on Poland to win. Dare I say it from Polish people who love Michal – he is a very popular star in his home country.

Worth noting that Spain continues to be in the most popular bets  with very small amounts of money though. At 80/1 I think Spain is grossly underestimated.


So there you have it. The betting is truly on the way now.

Have you placed a bet? Who do you think is going to win?

Don’t be shy and comment below!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Odds Checker

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  1. “However the emergence of Croatia into 3rd place is a complete anomaly!”
    I don’t think so. I’ve noticed that most people like the song !

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