Eurovision 2015

SWEDEN – Frans may have won fans hearts at Melodifestivalen but confused the Televoters…

Frans confused Teletovers

As Eurovision fandom is reeling from the not-very-at-all-shocking fact that Frans (pictured above) won the Melodifestivalen this evening, a quick look into the voting figures through the televote and the app reveals something a bit alarming.

Firstly, his total score of 158 points is 8 LESS than Måns’ televoting score  from last year and only 4 more than Loreen’s televote score in 2012.

Second, Frans’ televote percentage, just 14,9%, represents the lowest percentage of the popular vote to win a MF since the Swedes changed the way they attribute telephone voting back in 2011.  For context, Måns got 35,1% and Loreen got a then record 32.7%

Thirdly, his failure to win the jury vote,  who are constituted in the same way as the ESC itself, may well give some people cause for concern.

Malfest Trending

On the upside, though, there has been a record number of votes in the final, 12.6 million, with the introduction of the MF App helping to drive the figures up and the show was trending on twitter.  However, the way the votes are apportioned is still the same.

Does this concern you?

Let us know!


Contributor – Philip Colclough

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  1. As a UK Eurovision fan, it doesn’t concern me at all – this is the most open Eurovision since 2011 and even we and your guy Nicky has a chance of winning this year!

    • It is indeed an open year which makes it more exciting.
      We still need to have a big chart success story from ESC and we don’t mean in the charts for a week and then out again, don’t you think Martin?

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