Eurovision 2016

RUSSIA : Our Initial Thoughts on Sergey Lazarev’s Eurovision Song ‘You Are The Only One’

Sergey Naked

So what song will Sergey Lazarev sing at Eurovision 2016?

Silly question as ‘You Are The Only One’ is all it could be for Russia’s top performer.

The expectation was huge for this song release to the point that Russia has led the betting odds for a long time until recently – SEE HERE

So here is the official video for the song

So what comes to mind straight off is the elements – We have Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Sergey is indeed the ‘Fifth Element’

This is unapologetic electronic pop music. Very ‘Red One’ sounding. I have done my usual thing of listening to the song first without the video, as sometimes a highly produced video can be distracting.

I really struggle to know if I like or love this song but here goes.

I can see this working so much better live in Stockholm. I am thinking a ‘Tron-like’ presentation with strong geometric lighting – which this year’s Eurovision stage delivers! 

Sergey Teaser

From a song construction perspective this has a start, middle and end so there is a stage story to sell there. There is no doubting that this is there to get you dancing and the song continually builds to the point that I imagine that Sergey will be completely exhausted by the end of the performance.

I like the slight mixture of pace in the song and the almost Bond theme like part in the build up to the climax.

Look Sergey is a performer and he will know how to sell this song to the camera audience.

Have we had too high an expectation for the song as people have waited so long for Lazarev to be at Eurovision? I think so – so I think you need to put those expectations to one side and just judge the song on the 3 minutes that you are given in the video.

Sergey Lazarev Take It Off 5

This works for me and I think will step up a gear in Stockholm when we see it on stage. Is it a definite winner – no. Is it a definite contender – yes! This leads Eurovision 2016 WIDE OPEN!

This song will certainly divide people and one hopes that political views will be put to one side when judging the song – but hey each to their own.

Final words – Still in the running for the win in such an open field of singers plus “Could his jeans be any tighter!?!”. I’m off to have a sandwich for lunch now – bread is something Sergey never eats judging from all those torso pics in the video!

What do you make of “You are the only one”? Is it a winner?

Don’t be shy – comment below!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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