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CROATIA : First Thoughts on Nina Kraljić Eurovision Song ‘Lighthouse’


Eurovision 2016 – The Year of the ‘Lighthouse’

Nina Kraljić has released her song for Eurovision 2016 called ‘Lighthouse’.

Croatia were a powerhouse at Eurovision when they first came to the contest in the 1990’s. However they have lost their way in the 21st century. Will Nina Kraljić’s ‘Lighthouse’ guide them back to success? In the words of the song ‘I fear my ship capsizing’.

Nina has a sweet voice in the song yet you really wish that ‘Lighthouse’ gave her the opportunity to show the vocal range that she has. As a result we have a 3 minutes where there is no light and shade at all.

The chorus and verses have little distinction between each other and therefore leaves we feeling like I am a lost ship with no ‘Lighthouse’ to guide me to a musical coastline.

Nina Kraljić

The song struggles to know what it is in my opinion. There are slight hints of a Balkan ballad yet not enough to give me goosebumps. The song then tries to sound like a contemporary pop ballad yet it fails to launch.

I fear that in a sea of 43 songs at this year’s Eurovision, this will get lost. Maybe the Danish boys from Lighthouse X can help?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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  1. Ah, the beauty of Eurovision and everyone having differing opinions! I get your point about not much in the way of wow moments here but for me, this is all about the lyrics and the emotional tone – I would put my head above the parapet and say that this will do better than Kaliopi this year (I know, sacrilege!), her entry I don’t rate at all 🙂

    • Oh no you didn’t just say that about Kaliopi – OMG off the Christmas Card List!!!1
      I just find Nina’s song very one dimensional
      Ireland’s entry at JESC – of the same topic was a far superior song than this. Macedonia and Bosnia so far getting the Balkan votes. Looking forward to Serbia’s entry

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