Eurovision 2015 Votes – We try and predict where the 12 points will go. What do you think?


Eurovision 2015 Votes – We try and predict where the 12 points will go. What do you think?

We are here at the Grand Final and we have the Voting Running Order. Here is how we (Garrett, John and Phil from On Europe) think the 12 Points will be awarded to. So see if you agree with us.


1) Montenegro (Andrea Demirović) – Predict Serbia

2) Malta (Julia Zahra) – Predict Azerbaijan

3) Finland (Krista Siegfrids) – Predict Sweden

4) Greece (Helena Paparizou) – Predict Cyprus

5) Portugal (Suzy) – Predict France

6) Romania (Sonia Argint Ionescu) – Predict Hungary

7) Belarus (Teo) – Predict Russia

8) Albania (Andria Xhahu) – Predict Italy

9) Moldova (Olivia Fortuna) – Predict Romania

10) Azerbaijan (Tural Asadou) – Predict Russia

11) Latvia (Markus Riva) – Predict Russia

12) Serbia (Maia Nikolić) – Predict Montenegro

13) Estonia (Tania) – Predict Sweden

14) Denmark (Basim) – Predict Sweden

15) Switzerland (Laetitia Guarino) – Predict Italy

16) Belgium (Walid) – Predict Armenia

17) France (Virginie Guillaume) – Predict Israel

18) Armenia (Lilit Muradyan) – Predict Russia

19) Ireland (Nicky Byrne) – Predict Lithuania

20) Sweden (Mariette Hanson) – Predict Norway

21) Germany (Barbara Schöneberger) – Predict Sweden

22) Australia (Lee Lin Chin) – Predict Sweden (Though Phil says the UK)

23) Czech Republic (Daniela Písařovicová) – Predict Poland

24) Spain (Lara Siscar) – Predict Romania/Italy

25) Austria (Kati Bellowitsch) – Predict Germany

26) F.Y.R. Macedonia (Marko Mark) – Predict Montenegro

27) Slovenia (Tinkara Kovač) – Predict Austria

28) Hungary (Csilla Tatár) – Predict Austria

29) United Kingdom (Nigella Lawson) – Predict Australia

30) Georgia (Natia Bunturi) – Predict Russia

31) Lithuania (Ugnė Galadauskaitė) – Predict Russia

32) Netherlands (Edsilia Rombley) – Predict Belgium

33) Poland (Cleo) – Predict Russia

34) Israel (Ofer Nachshom) – Predict Russia

35) Russia (Dmitry Shepelev) – Predict Georgia

36) San Marino (Valentina Monetta) – Predict Italy

37) Italy (Federico Russo) – Predict Albania

38) Iceland (Sigridur Halldorsdottir) – Predict Norway

39) Cyprus (Loukas Hamatsos) – Predict Greece

40) Norway (Margrethe Røed) – Predict Sweden


Now as you can see we think that Sweden may not get a lot of 12 points but we are thinking they will get a lot of 7-10 points that should push them over the winning line.

What do you think?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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  1. Will not read this after what Eurovision Ireland said about Il Volo’s Jury performance. specifically Piero. Did you read it?



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