Eurovision TV Ratings Round-up updated 27/5

Some TV Ratings For Eurovision 2014. Photo :

Some TV Ratings For Eurovision 2015. Photo :

We have been doing our usual yearly research and are beginning to collate some figures from around Europe.

For the First Semi Final The most striking of which seem to be in the United Kingdom who have reported overnight viewing figures on BBC3 of 790,000 viewers which is up considerably from last years 611,000 but we have yet to add in the +1 hour figures and the viewers that watch within 7 days.

The Netherlands reported a slight rise in viewers up to 3,366,000 (48.7% Share) from last years 3,253,000 on the hopes that they would qualify.

Austria report their figures slightly differently but approximately 700,000 viewers watched the show on average.

Germany’s Viewing figures have doubled from 270,000 last year for Semi Final one to 560,000 this year.

Sweden reported strong viewing figures for Semi Final One as well, up from 1,122,000 viewers in 2014 to 1,400,000 in 2015.

Spain reported a marked decline from 626,000 to 543,000, and confirmed reports for Australia suggest 75,000 for the live broadcast.

Greece reported 1,029,000 viewers (23.3% Share)  for Semi Final One and Portugal 304,000, slightly down on last years 325,000

Ireland reported very poor figures of 187,000 for this Semi Final.

Moving to Semi Final Two now, Italy posted the most eyecatching figures with a reported 792,000 viewers, almost doubling last year’s RAI4 semi final showing of 343,000.

The Netherlands, as you would expect, lost viewers and only report 964,000 watching Semi Final 2 as did the UK who report 616,000 Viewers compared to the 660,000 last year and Portugal who recorded figures of 750,500.

Germany, reversing the trend of recent years, report 670,000 viewers and Austria approx. 800,000 viewers.

Sweden, traditionally strong ESC viewers, state that their 2nd Semi final viewership was a staggering 2,132,000

Switzerland also recorded an increase of 106,000 on last year to 396,000 viewers as did Poland whose figures were up 559,000 to 3,639,000.

Australia reported disappointing live figures of 61,000 as did Ireland who only tempted 261,000 to see Molly.

Figures for the Final are still coming in, as are updates for the above, As soon as we have collated them, we’ll let you know!

Phil Colclough –

Sources: Digitalspy, OnEurope

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