JESC 2014 – Day 3 Rehearsals Live Rolling Blog

Junior Eurovision. Photo : JESC/EBU

Welcome to Malta and welcome to our rolling blog for the Day 3 rehearsals of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014. You know the drill by now. Just refresh the page to get the latest news on the contestants and their performances.

So we have Andrew all Day and Phil until Lunchtime ( as he’s off to do a tour of Valletta).  Garrett has ran away to deal with some Adult things in Skopje, you might even hear from him if he survives!!

Remember that our good friend Phil comes to us courtesy of OnEurope – so check him out too! No do it now – You know you want to!!

The Netherlands

Andrew : Well this is sounding better and better, the vocals are punchy and the dancing is slick. This has a real modern catchy vibe to it and as it comes last in the running order will stay in the voters mind. I can certainly see this doing rather well and may come out best of all the uptempo songs.

Phil : Completely different viewpoint from me.  It’s a chorus without a song, and that’s going to be the problem with this one. Looks good on stage though, but it doesn’t make up for a lack of a song. Not Julia’s fault I add quickly.


Phil : Sweden is suffering here.  Suffering from a lack of a decent song and poor structure of it.  The English language change does not work correctly and the whole thing feels clunky and Julia (II) will have to perform miracles to ensure this song gets into the top 10 in my opinion.  I don’t think at her age and how it looks on screen that she can do this.

Andrew : I like the song it is quite pleasant to my ear. I like the outfits but the choreography is a bit lacklustre. There is no doubt the song is rather repetitive and perhaps does not have enough of an instant hook to do so well. Drawn in position 7 is not going to help either as it may be forgotten my the time people come to vote. I suspect 7th place may be the best it will achieve but could finish in the lower half too.


Phil : The Armenians have got some sort of paraphernalia coming down from the ceiling and doing all sorts of twirling and stuff that is visually arresting!!  Vocally Betty was using a clicktrack but she doesn’t get any points for belting out the song in a rehearsal when you don’t have to.  This has climbed and climbed up the rankings.

Andrew : This is getting better and better every time I listen to it. It is more a Junior catchy song than the likes of the others in the competition. It is very busy and has lots of energy about it. I think it will do well given its position in the running order sandwiched between two slow songs.


Phil : The first thing that I notice with this 2nd performance is the white dress that Aliza has on, it’s appropriate – what’s offensive in this song is the camera shot of the background making her look like a living version of the Virgin Mary.  She’s a lot better than she was on Monday but, to be fair, that wouldn’t be hard!  It’s come back into contention definitely.  It’s definitely getting into the top reaches of the scoreboard.

Andrew : This is a decent performance today from Aliza. Things are coming together well for Russia and they are selling this simple ballad well. She is on stage alone dressed in a white number but this works for them as the graphics help it along nicely.


Phil : And with that I am off to have a tour around town today.  I’ll leave you in the capable hands of Andrew to take you through the rest of the day’s shenanigans.


Andrew : This song is simply delicious Italian dramatic pop at it’s best. Would not be out of place at San Remo or Eurovision itself. The vocal is confident and sweeping and oozes class for someone so young. He is the only male singer and has a good position in the running order. I can see it doing very well picking up higher marks from many of the countries. Go Italia!!



Andrew : Ukraine have done what Ukraine always do, taken an ordinary song and produced it to within an inch of it’s life to achieve an overall package that looks great on the screen. The song is sung well with lots of sweeping vocals and it is straight out of any children’s fairy tale. I do not think it will win but should do reasonably well.



Now this is another great song. The staging is fantastic, the twins on the pianos are not too prominent but give it great gusto. The vocal is amazing and the backdrop fairly dramatic too. Overall a great package and performance. My only worry is it is on 2nd in the running order and may be forgotten about by the time the voting begins. But it does deserve a high placing.


Andrew : Sophia is still on the stage herself. But this rehearsal seems to have a lot more going for it. She is more lively in her movements and utilises the catwalk toward the end of her song. There is likely to be a bit of audience interaction as she moves along it. She looks and sounds great and the heavy dance track is instantly catchy.


Authors : Andrew James Main and Phil Coclough

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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