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JESC 2014 – Day 2 Rehearsals Live Rolling Blog

Junior Eurovision. Photo : JESC/EBU

Junior Eurovision. Photo : JESC/EBU

Welcome to Malta and welcome to our rolling blog for the Day 2 rehearsals of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014. You know the drill by now. Just refresh the page to get the latest news on the contestants and their performances.

So we have Andrew, Phil and little old me commentating on the show.

Remember that our good friend Phil comes to us courtesy of OnEurope – so check him out too! No do it now!!


Phil – Once again your guest blogger is here before your usual crew… I get no thanks for this apart from you, dear readers…  As Eurovision tradition dictates, one must have a sound problem in the press centre and Georgia was the one.  It looks ok, lots of Butterflies on stage but it sounds too much like Wrecking Ball to gain any votes in this contest because It’s not original enough for this contest I think and as the age group of the contest has changed, this song has tried to go with it, but it is weak in comparison to other songs and may well get forgotten.

Andrew : I was expecting lots of potential from Georgia  and the girls are certainly very enthusiastic. But the actual song and performance falls flat for me. A few issues with the vocals but it is a rehearsal. I do not think this is memorable enough to step up to the mark on Saturday night.


Phil : I still have issues with this song – The main one being that the song itself is actually not that good and could well be propping the table up at the end of Saturday Night. ( Well someone has to, they can’t all be brilliant).
Masa and Lejla still seem to be trying to convince not only themselves but Europe that being a kid for a day is a good idea but, sadly for them, this song has accidental last written all over it.  It’s forgettable and in a contest of 16 songs, of this standard, that could well be its undoing.

Andrew : This song is a big disappointment for me. I had listened to the preview video but could not remember the song. Now I have listened to the rehearsal at least 5 times and I do not remember the song. Very forgettable which of course will not help it. I think it may well be a candidate for the bottom 3.


Phil :  If Montenegro is propping up the table, then this will be 2nd last.   Josie has a weak voice and an even weaker song and that is a shame because she clearly has the talent to pull of something more than this.  It’s a shame that HRT decided that this is going to be their only entry in a Eurovision event this year but its even more of a shame for Josie that has been lumbered with this song.  I’m struggling to see it picking up any votes outside of it’s neighbours, but even that might not be enough to help it.  Josie deserves better, the song will get what it sadly deserves.

Andrew : Another dull song in what is proving to be a rather dull day of rehearsals so far. Croatia have a mildly poppy number which does not have a hook that sticks in the mind. They are trying to make good from it but failing in my opinion. It will get votes from around it’s neighbours but suspect it being on the wrong side of the scoreboard.

San Marino

Phil : Peppermints came on stage and then the whole mood of the press centre lifted.  Finally a decent song in the morning run of songs.  Thankfully these are not being sung in the correct running order.  The Peppermints song, however, when taken in isolation isn’t that bad.  The girls look good  on stage and it sounds really light and pop song and they even start with the girls lying on the floor with a camera angle from above.  It all comes together nicely.  Yeah, not bad at all.

Andrew : Yea a decent little pop song here which is fun and refreshing after what has gone before today. Sounds good too and could see this doing surprisingly well.


Phil : Make no mistake Europe that are watching this bit – this is a great song sung really well by a girl who knows how to sing.  Juries are going to lap this up .Emilija  has a very simple staging for this song – her at the old joanna, followed by her standing up (In the first run through at any rate) and walking not very far around the stage.  The choreography doesn’t have to be upto much when you have the voice that this girl has.  She’s another one that’s in with a shout of the title, but sadly its an outside one.

Andrew : This is a decent ballad indeed and the vocals are great. It is all a bit static but being a ballad can probably get away with this. Should get decent votes from around their area and some from elsewhere too so should see it in the top 8.


Phil : Don’t look into her eyes Europe – You’ll be seduced by her charm –  and you wouldn’t want that because you want me to go for a week’s holiday in Rome!!

In all seriousness, Ula has, again as I have said all week about songs, bags of potential.  Just her – on the stage – singing the song with that cute look that is going to get lots of votes and the song is clearly strong enough with English in all the right places to make it underneath the 25% limit (eventually) to make an impact.  Firework effect on the massive stage works really well and helps with the overall look of the thing.  Dangerous ….. very dangerous.

Andrew : A perfectly pleasant song and there is no getting away from the cuteness of the singer. But it does not have as big an impact on me that Phil seemed to have gotten. It may do well in the voting shake up but I cannot decide.


Phil : It matters not whether its the Adult or Junior contest – there is nothing like a home entry and to stop the press centre in its tracks and this is no exception.  I disliked this lots in the preview video but, cor blimey she’s given that some in rehearsals that we have seen thus far.  This has the feeling of an Adult winner in a child’s contest.   She gets the old heart racing which is a good thing – top 5 a possibility!!
However of more significance was the President of Malta’s visit to a shipyard…. the whole nine yards with security and everything.  Sadly I missed out on her. …. Until she came into the press centre and shook everyone’s hand , and I mean EVERYONE.  Take me now, I’m complete!

Andrew : This is a serious contender from the host nation it is so powerful on the screen and even more so in the arena. It is giving lots of people their first goosebumps of the week. It is vocally impressive and a great operatic voice which is flawless on the high note and the long notes alike. It is akin to a Bond theme style of song and certainly would fit into the adult competition. I can see it be in the top 2 for sure.


Andrew : Phil agrees with everything I write about this song(he has to scoot off now). It is cute and ethnic with big horns and a cute singer with a confident performance. It is a lite song but could do well  in the voting.

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  1. Slovenia and Malta both give me goosebumps. I particularly like the jazzy & bluesy notes that Ula (Slovenia) sings at the right times, so that she gives me the emotions no one else does!

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