NETHERLANDS : The Common Linnets Announce European Tour

The New Common Linnets. Photo : Facebook

The New Common Linnets. Photo : Facebook

THE NETHERLANDS – The Common Linnets have been one of the major successes from Eurovision over the past few years. They may have been pipped to the winning post by Conchita Wurst but that has not stopped them from being a hit across Europe with their Eurovision song ‘Calm After The Storm’ and their debut album going into the World Top 10 on its release. This week the album has climbed to #14 in Germany and the single is at #10


Waylon may not be performing with the band now however the project shows no sign of slowing down as they have just announced details of their upcoming European Tour. The band posted

“The Common Linnets stole people’s hearts at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen. With their haunting, evocative song Calm After The Storm they enchanted millions of viewers across Europe, leaving many people wanting to discover more about them.

The single, Calm After The Storm, signaled the start of a turbulent period for the band. With their intimate performance in Copenhagen, The Common Linnets secured an impressive second place in the contest’s grand finale. In the days following the broadcast, the song peaked the charts everywhere, earning number 1 spots in 14 countries all across Europe.

Ilse is delighted to be taking The Common Linnets on an adventure through Europe. Alongside Ilse the tour will feature the considerable talents of American singer/songwriters Jake Etheridge, Matthew Crosby and Rob Crosby combined with Dutch singer/songwriter and Ilse’s co-producer for the album, JB Meijers.

The tour promises to evoke that same magic that can be heard on the album. Ilse’s vision for the upcoming performances is as simple as it is pure: “With great voices and a great band, pouring our hearts out.”


So where will The Common Linnets be performing?

The Common Linnets Tour. Photo : Facebook

The Common Linnets Tour. Photo : Facebook


For concert details see HERE

So who is up for some live Dutch Country Music? Yes please!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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