Eurovision 2013

MALTA : The Eurovision Singing Doctor Returns and is the ‘Picture’ of Health

Gianluca's new single  "Picture" released. Photograph courtesy of Albam Records

Gianluca’s new single “Picture” released. Photograph courtesy of Albam Records

MALTA – Did you know that John Stanton from the Eurovision Ireland team cries every time he hears Malta’s 2013 Eurovision entry ‘Tomorrow’ by Gianluca. I kid you not, so it is with some trepidation and a box of tissues, that I write that the singing doctor is back with a new song.

We adored Gianluca in Malmo and celebrate the release of his new song ‘Picture’. Taken from his album ‘Waiting For Tomorrow’ the song ‘Picture’ was written by Boris Cezek & Dean Muscat. We reviewed Gianluca’s album last year – SEE HERE – and on that we commented on ‘Picture’ saying

“Back to the catchy hooks that are now part and parcel of a Gianluca song. This could be a song that Coldplay would perform and there are just enough “Oh Oh Oh’s” to remind you of Eurovision again.”


So we were happy to learn that ‘Picture’ was to be released as a single. Totally charming and so easy to get into. Add to this Gianluca’s distinctive vocals and you have a chill out summer song.

Points out of 12 – has to be a 10.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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