Semi Final Running Order Complete for Eurovision 2014 – Initial Analysis

Semi Final Running Order. Photo DR.DK

Semi Final Running Order. Photo DR.DK

The draw for the Semi Finals for Eurovision 2014 have taken place. The above picture from DR (Danish Broadcaster) shows you the Semi Final and half of the draw that each of the countries will perform in. The exact running order will be finalised by DR when all the songs are submitted to the EBU.



Initial Analysis

  • Your chances are better to qualify for the Grand Final from Semi Final 2 as this is the smallest Semi Final. 10 out of 15 countries will be seeking qualification as opposed to 16 in Semi Final 1.
  • Montenegro is the only Ex- Yugoslav state in Semi Final 1 while in Semi Final 2 you have FYR Macedonia and Slovenia, The absence of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia will be interesting to see the impact on Macedonia, Slovenia and Montenegro and their chances of qualification.
  • The Nordic/Scandinavian countries have been evenly split between the 2 semi finals yet Sweden and Iceland will benefit hopefully from having Host Nation Denmark voting in their Semi Final
  • Allocation of the Big 6 should benefit some countries. In Semi final 1 you would hope that Portugal and Belgium will benefit from having Spain and France voting in their show. In Semi Final 2 – Malta, Ireland and possibly Austria to gain points from the UK and Germany.
  • Former USSR states are more present in Semi Final 1 – 7 in total – with Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Ukraine, Estonia and Moldova. While in Semi Final 2 you have only 3 – Georgia, Lithuania and Belarus.
  • San Marino will potentially see Valentina Monetta with a challenge to qualify for the final with such a strong contingent of USSR states and perennial qualifiers Sweden there too. It does not help that Italy are voting in Semi Final 2. “Third time Lucky” we hope.


You can read into statistics for an eternity but these are a few initial observations.

Who do you think are potentially the winners and losers in that Semi Final Draw – despite not having selected the majority of the songs?

Let us know


Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. In reality, there are only seven spots up for grabs in the first semi final since Ukraine, Russia and Azerbaijan always ALWAYS qualify, regardless of the quality of their respective entries. That these three nations will sail through to the final (to be joined there no doubt by their constant companion Greece from Semi Final 2) seems to be the only certainty in life outside of death and taxes.

    • Think you can say that about 7 songs in Semi Final 1 will qualify based on past result – Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Ukraine, Moldova, Sweden and Iceland. then the rest playing for 3 places Anita

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