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SWITZERLAND 2014 : “Love City Groove” enter a song in the Swiss Selection?

Love City Groove. Photograph courtesy of

Love City Groove. Photograph courtesy of

The Swiss National selection for Eurovision 2014 has begun with the videos of the entrants now on-line. Love City Groove in the line up?

We came across the entry “Summer Loving” and when we did some investigation we came across the some interesting facts.

The Act performing “Summer Loving” is a British band called “The Larks”. They are a duo made up of Hayley Rodgers from Gateshead and Dan Noble from County Durham. A chance meeting at a friends reunion saw them team up and form a band – The Larks.

Through a random connection on twitter that saw them make contact with none other than the London-based producer Stephen ‘Beanz’ Rudden of Plutonic Group. He was one of the main people people behind the 1995 UK entry by Love City Groove that was one of the first rapping songs to make the Top 10 at Eurovision. Beanz jumped on board with The Larks and the result is their entry in the Swiss National Selection – ‘Summer Loving’ that he has now co-written and produced.

The Larks are now signed to Beanz’s record label and it was his suggestion to try out for Eurovision. Haley commented “Who knows where this could take us. It was Beanz’s idea. He has experience in these things and it was an opportunity we didn’t want to miss.”

The Larks - In the Swiss Eurovision 2014 Selection. Photograph courtesy of

The Larks – In the Swiss Eurovision 2014 Selection. Photograph courtesy of

“Summer Loving” is a refreshing break from the thumping nonsense of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga’s music de jour. It is very much a modern twist of “The Mamas and Papas” sound of several decades ago. Simple, Folk, Soul and Easy Listening. When everyone else is concentrated on the next big dance track, this could be the rough diamond from the most unlikely looking group, that could take Switzerland to The Grand Final at Eurovision 2014. If you are looking for instant gratification then this may not be for you. But if you are looking for an alternative to everything else out there at the moment – this is the one.

You can look and vote for The Larks and their entry “Summer Loving” by clicking here

You can also access all the other songs that are on the SRF platform for your Eurovision 2014 consideration.

For more information on The Larks – check out their official website here

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : chroniclelive, SRF and Eurovision Ireland

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    • We totally agree with you – The One and only Beanz! Lot’s of Respect for “Love City Groove” and “The Larks”. Wishing you all the very best of luck in Switzerland. We have a good feeling about Dan & Hayley

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