BELARUS : Alyona Lanskaya’s New Song Reviewed

Alyona Lanskaya - Belarus Eurovision 2013. Photograph courtesy of cronicasdeeurofestivais

Alyona Lanskaya – Belarus Eurovision 2013. Photograph courtesy of cronicasdeeurofestivais

Alyona Lanskaya is the “Eurovision Boomerang” that just keeps coming back. From winning the Belarus 2012 National Eurovision Selection and then being stripped of her title. Then Winning it again in 2013 with “Rhythm Of Love” and then having the song changed to “Solayoh” – she now releases her new song “You’re The Lucky One”

It is obvious that this song was shortlisted for Eurovision as it is just 5 seconds shy of making the 3 minute contest allowed length. This is a song that is a throwback to those mid 90’s RnB ballads from the big names like Mariah Carey, Brandy and Aaliyah. This should be on my Trevor Nelson compilation album but in the hands of a singer that can breathe life into the song.

The song has a strong melody and some nice production qualities. However here is the problem. The lyrics are very Disney and if I dare say it, somewhat narcissistic. Alyona sings “I can see a fairytale come true, Story that belongs to me and you” – I am thinking Beauty and the Beast, Enchanted and Sleeping Beauty” here. However when you follow that up with “Now when everything is said and done, You’re the lucky one” – you are thinking “Who is this Diva”. To get that title you must have serious attitude and vocal chops on you – which unfortunately Alyona has not got  – YET!

Her English is still very laboured and makes this gentle soul ballad sound somewhat heavy-handed in parts. Still a vast improvement from Eurovision but some way to go before you listen to her singing and believe in what she is saying. At the moment it all sounds very much singing by numbers – as if I could sing in Belarusian.

I still personally think that her best song by far to date was the 2013 rejected original winner in Belarus “Rhythm of Love”. This is when her harsh sounding English works well on a dance track with attitude. I am still convinced that if “Rhythm of Love” had gone to Malmo, Belarus would have scored higher than what they did with “Solayoh”. We will never know.

“You’re the Lucky One” unfortunately is more “I Should Be So Lucky” – if this will bring Alyona International chart success. Re-release “Rhythm of Love”!

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Alyona Lanskaya YouTube and Eurovision Ireland

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