Eurovision Finals 2013

SWITZERLAND 2014 : Some of their Pre-Selection entries you MUST see

Swiss National selection 2014. Photograph courtesy of YouTube

Swiss National selection 2014. Photograph courtesy of YouTube

Switzerland have already begun their search for their Eurovision 2014 entry and some very interesting submissions have come to our attention for varying reasons. SRF – Swiss broadcaster – has allowed artists to submit their songs on-line and I  have sifted through them to bring you – as Dirty Harry would say “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”. However I will leave the categorization up to your ears as mine are still recovering!

Männerchor Steili Kressä – Coupe Danmark

If you like your novelty acts dressed as big burly Danish Vikings that sings of Denmark’s history of “pillaging and ice cream”, then this is for you. This gets a special mention as the play a considerably bigger whistle than Emmelie’s and furthermore they play it through their nose! Through some geographically incorrect rapping, this is will appeal to those who either looking at the show or have returned from the bar. I would love to see the look on the Danish audience if this was selected. Here’s hoping!


K’REAM & LALA: Hopera

Now for something completely different we have the duo of K’REAM & LALA. Their “Hopera” is a play on the words Hip Hop and Opera which gives you “Hopera” – which this song is. Lala is the Ultimate Cougar and K’REAM her younger partner in this song. This is a simple song sung well in this “Hopera” style. By far one of the more interesting songs in the Swiss Pre-selection and worth a listen. And I love the jazz gospel keyboard and subtle hip hop beat. Oh it has that all important Eurovision Key Change OPERA style!


JP Love: I’m a man

Now if you like your music to be Schlager and sung by an elderly adult movie star then this is for you. Cringe worthy and funny at the same time. And people ask why Switzerland have not won since 1998? You must see this – it is ok as he keeps his clothes on!


Vanessa Krasniqi: My Man 

Thankfully Vanessa brings us back to the more classic Eurovision Ballad that we all love. A stunning looking young woman – so let’s keep her away from JP Love! – she can certainly sing. Very much a song that would have challenged for the contest in the 1990’s as it reminds you of a song that should have been on the soundtrack to “The Bodyguard”. Complete with that all important Eurovision Key Change – that we all love. This is a sweet song and the antidote to JP Love. See for yourself here 

Swiss Dance System – Waste My Time

If you are looking for a good dance group then this is it. They are so cool that they don’t even appear in their own video. WIth intelligent lyrics and beats this may not be a winner but certainly one to pay attention to. See here


So to recap we have a bunch of Vikings, A cougar and her prey, An Adult Film Actor, A Whitney Impersonator and a Swiss Daft Punk – and I have only scratched the surface!

Remember we spoke of the UK Act “The Larks” and their Love City Groove connection – see here – With their song “Sumer Lovin'”, K’REAM & LALA with “Hopera”, Swiss Dance System with “Waste My Time” and for the fun of it Male Choir Steili Kressä with “Coupe Danmark” lead they way for us for completely different reasons!


What do you think?


Author/Website Co-Founder and Editor in Chief  Garrett Mulhall

Source SFR and Eurovision Ireland


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