Eurovision 2014

UK Eurovision 2014 : BBC Celebrating National Final Selection

BBC Eurovision 2014 Selection. Photograph courtesy of BBC

BBC Eurovision 2014 Selection. Photograph courtesy of BBC

How will the BBC select their artist for Eurovision 2014? Internal selections have not seen the UK reach the Top 10 of the Grand Final of Eurovision since their first use of this process in 2011. Blue thought “I Can” do that – but unfortunately they couldn’t. So why is it that the BBC are celebrating Eurovision National Selections in 2014?

In an article published on Sunday by none other than the BBC themselves – They confirmed 2 important messages. Firstly they celebrated Welsh singer/song writer Krystal Mills whom is participating in the Swiss Eurovision National Selection with her James Bond inspired sounding “Bang Bang Bang”. You can check out Krystal’s song here.

Krystal is definitely a talent in the making and we wish her the very best of luck in the Swiss National Selection.

However in the article the BBC wrote the following quote from Krystal which certainly leads us to believe that 2014 will see the BBC stick with an internal selection for Eurovision 2014. Furthermore they have gone on to say that they want a well-known artist. The BBC article said

“So we got in touch with the UK organisers, and even though they explained that they wanted to persist with having a well-known performer for our entry, they were really helpful and put us in touch with the committees from Switzerland, and Hungary who all accept entries from non-nationals.”

So the BBC’s own website have posted the above quote. Therefore according to the BBC’s own website, the UK is yet again looking for an established artist to represent them at Eurovision 2014. Considering the amount of strong UK talent that has entered the Swiss National selection and many others countries this year, is it not about time that the BBC “Get Inspired” with their musical artists like they are with their future sports men and women?

The BBC Eurovision Twitter Account has been dormant since May 19th. If they were going to make an open call for artists then this social media engine should be buzzing right now. Their Eurovision Website’s last post was in June when it published their Jury Votes.

So we have been in contact with the BBC and they are remaining tight-lipped. However if the BBC have posted the above quote on their own news website, then it is a good indication that it will be an internal selection again for the BBC –  as their British talent has to go abroad to try to make it to Eurovision.

Should that be the case? We know that this will disappoint some fans. Tell us what you think? Vote in our poll.

The last time the BBC won the Eurovision Song Contest was in 1997 in Dublin when the American Katrina American Katrina (Leskanich) and the Waves won with the song “Love Shine a Light”

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : BBC and Eurovision Ireland

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  1. It is rediculous to admit in2013 we as a front runner in music cannot find a credible artiste to represent our country at Eurovision.You want to know why,read on,Katrina may have come from Canada or U.S.A. but her success was u.k.based.So she does not come into the equasionThe B.P.I.In the U.K. do not want involved with Euro.Simply because the investment they put into an artiste would be tarnished and credibility in their artiste would be affected.In my opinion the B.B.C.should find and secure a record label who would commit to the selection of artiste new or current.In order to get the best songmateril

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