#CROATIA – Has their Eurovision singer been revealed ahead of time… again?!


Croatian news website recently published an article entitled “After Jacques, who is going to Eurovision: Indira, Franka or Kedžo?”

The articles suggests that the Croatian broadcaster HRT has abandoned the idea of holding Dora, the national selection event used in Croatia and will instead opt for an internal selection again. It’s worth mentioning at this point HRT hasn’t made any announcements itself regarding its plans for Eurovision.

So if there is to be an internal selection, how does 24sata already have these names? Well, it seems they did it the old fashioned way and asked! Indira Levak (44) is a well known singer in Croatia and and fellow judge with Jacque Houdek on Najljepši glas Hrvatske, seems to be the favourite – and according to her husband, it’s already a done deal!

The website says they spoke to Miroslav Levak, who stated that while he couldn’t confirm or deny the information, there had been talk of Indira going to Lisbon to fly the flag for Croatia. This is where it gets a little confusing. While saying there was “nothing concrete” yet, he also then said she’d already gladly accepted the offer… huh?

Levak’s husband added “Eurovision is a challenge for all musicians. It is a wonderful story to represent your country in one of these competitions,”

From this source, it would seem Indira Levak is the hot favourite to sing for Croatia in Lisbon this May. While listening to gossip rarely gives you accurate info, it is worth remembering that 24sata speculated last year that Jacques Houdek was represent Croatia in Kyiv in 2017 – and HRT did later confirm this to be true!

Other names that the article has highlighted as being potential representatives are Franka Batelić (25) and Damir Kedžo (30). While Franka’s management didn’t comment on the rumour, Goran Belošević, who manages Kedžo told 24sata:

“Well, I know that Kedžo has a big wish not only to enter Eurovision, but to win it too,”

What do you think? Have 24sata got it right again? Who would you like Croatia to send to Eurovision 2018?

Let us know what you think!

Author: James Scanlan


Image Source: Wikipedia


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