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Eurovision 2017 – Day 11 1st Dress Rehearsal Semi Final 2 LIVE ROLLING BLOG – START 1500 CET- JUST REFRESH

Just when you thought you had seen the best of us, we are back and better than ever!!  If you were thinking of going anywhere else for your fix of Eurovision rehearsal news, then SHAME ON YOU!!

You can follow our LIVE BLOG HERE – You know the drill by now. Just refresh the page for our live updates. We start at 1500CET. You will be taken care of by James and Bogdan. So if you want an honest opinion of how the rehearsals are going then tune in here.   Some other members of the team could be chiming in from time to time.

The Running Order is as Follows

They are running through the opening sequence a few times and James and Bogdan are on their way as they had to go interview Omar from Slovenia first. So they will start as soon as they arrive.

JAMES: Hello Eurovison Irelanders! Sorry for a delayed start this afternoon – we’ve been racing across Kyiv to get here, only to find they’re also running late here too! But #JamDan are in the house, and we’re raring to go!

BOGDAN: Indeed we are! We’ve just watched a Ukrainian folk-inspired medley of Eurovision winners, and it was quite special! Hearing Euphoria played on an accordian is certainly something I never thought I’ve hear!

JAMES: Yes, but it’s great! I do love a bit of local culture!

BOGDAN: Looks like we got here just in time, Serbia is about to start!


JAMES: I loved this song before the contest, and still like it, but I’m so bored with the staging… for a song with a real dance beat and such energy, doesn’t seem to come across well on stage. I’d envisioned a Top 3 finish in this semi for Serbia, now I’m thinking it’ll still qualify, but in a lower spot.


BOGDAN: Austria really seem to be on a roll with Eurovision entries these last few years! This song is so likable and Nathan performs it perfectly!

JAMES: I agree, he’s such a confident performer and so charismatic! It’s hard to fault the song and the slick staging. I think this is going to win this semi-final hands down.

FYR Macedonia

JAMES: I’m really happy to see Jana look a lot more relaxed and confident on stage. She’s finally selling the song believably and giving a grittier performance. Dads across Europe are going to go wild for her and if this doesn’t get Macedonia into the final again, I’m not sure what can!

BOGDAN: She’s improved so much since the first rehearsal we saw and it’s really nice to see her enjoying herself on stage. For me, this has a high chance of qualifying.


JAMES: Breathlessly has grown on me since I’ve been in Kyiv, and Claudia gives it her all. However, I think this will struggle to stand out and is in danger of coming 11th or 12th… Bogdan?

BOGDAN: I love the song and am always singing along, but unfortunately it’s not enough to qualify. Such a shame…


BOGDAN: My native Romania! And I wasn’t impressed by it… they seemed a bit hesitant on stage, which is never a good thing. Also, the whole moment with the canon still doesn’t flow very naturally. I still love the song, but hope they rev up the energy a bit for the jury show tonight.

JAMES: Ilinca and Alex look even more comically mismatched than usual… if we were still in the era of public vote, this would probably win by a landslide as it is so delightfully mad, but as Bogdan said, today it felt a bit flat. Maybe they’re just saving themselves for tonight… and according to Richard, rumour has it something is coming out of the canons tonight!! Hope it’s gunea pigs!

The Netherlands

JAMES: These girls have utterly amazing vocals and for me would deserve a place in the grand final purely because of that. I think this may be a dark horse for qualifying, and I’d be really happy if it did. Juries will love this!

BOGDAN: I absolutely love the song – and the girls – but the staging is awful. I think they could have done so much more with it. It’ll do really well with the juries, which might be enough to get it into the final.


BOGDAN: I do have to admit that Hungary is one of my favourites this year and Joci never disappoints. I just hope the people of Europe understand his message and it qualifies.

JAMES: I adore this song and think it’ll have no problem qualifying. It’s a beautiful mix of traditional ethnic, beautiful staging and has a sing-along quality despite being in Hungarian – that’s quite an impressive feat! It gives me the same vibe as 1944, so that could be an omen in itself!


JAMES: This is a solid Eurovision song from Denmark. It’ll most-likely qualify, but maybe be overlooked in the final to make any real impact on the scoreboard. But it’s a decent performance and Anja knows how to work the stage.

BOGDAN: I love the singer and the song, but the whole performance left me underwhelmed. The last 30 seconds of the performance definitely saves the previous 2 minutes… if the juries might save this and send it to the final, but I’m not sure the public will.


BOGDAN: Brendan is lacking a bit of confidence this afternoon, but still has a chance to make it great at the jury rehearsal from tonight. I love the song and wish him best of luck.

JAMES: No one can promise that this song will make it to the final, but Brendan is dying to try and get Ireland there! A competent rehearsal, best of luck for later tonight Brendan!

San Marino

BOGDAN: Maybe it’s just me, but that was a bit of a messy version of the song. I still like it, it’s a lot of fun.

JAMES: Miss Monetta, we’re willing you back into the final! I’d like to think this is the song that can do it, as it’ll appeal to a specific, maybe older demographic. As Bogdan rightly said, it’s a lot of fun and I’d love to see San Marino back in the final.


JAMES: So many people say this is their guilty pleasure and I must say I’m one of them! This is quite unlike anything we’ve seen on the Eurovision stage and it would be a riot for it to qualify. The public will go gaga for this song, but I suspect the juries will crucify it…

BOGDAN: No matter how hard I try, I cannot take this song seriously… I think the audience will go wild for it, but yeah… I doubt the juries will…


BOGDAN: JOWST never disappoints and gives the same great performance every time. If they do qualify, I think it will be only just.

JAMES: Shouldn’t that be “only JOWST”? 😉 I have to wonder if this will go the same way of Latvia last night and be a great hall song that bombs out of the semi because it doesn’t translate well on TV.


JAMES: Considering how beautiful Miruna is and how good this song is, I can’t understand why they gave both of them this sickly sweet bubblegum coloured make over… before rehearsals, I have Switzerland down as a dead cert to qualify. Now, I’m not so sure.

BOGDAN: They’ve destroyed a brilliant song with this staging. If they qualify, it’ll be because Romania gave them 12 points 😉


JAMES: Still not 100% convinced with the whole hovercraft staging, but vocally and musically we need this in the final. They are a delight to watch and listen to and it’s impossible to not want to dance along to this! Bravo Belarus! You’ve got a fantastic song on yours hands.

BOGDAN: It’s like their a married couple enjoying an unusual honeymoon and having the time of their lives! It’s such a joyful and happy song, I really hope it qualifies.


BOGDAN: Everything about this performance screams professionalism. He is definitely the best of the night!

JAMES: For such a young performer, Kristian commands an entire arena like a veteran. Every rehearsal I’ve seen, he gives it his all and seems to do so effortlessly. This is going to qualify and will probably win this whole semi.


JAMES: What can we say about Lithuania… no seriously, I’m asking for help here….

BOGDAN: I don’t get this song, do you have to be Lithuanian to get it? Because I really don’t

JAMES: Possibly! As a song it just has nothing going for it… sorry Lithuania…


JAMES: From a shaky first few rehearsals, Estonia have proved why so many of us all love this song. Clean staging, not too many flashes and bangs, great vocals and chemistry between the singers… if it’s not Bulgaria in spot #1, then I think it may well be Estonia.

BOGDAN: I do have to agree this is my favourite song from tonight and it did not disappoint. I like their chemistry this time, and it makes me think of “Verona”. It must qualify!

JAMES: But you’ve never been to Verona

BOGDAN: Well this song makes me feel like I have!


BOGDAN: He’s definitely playing the sexy card hard – it’s a fun and energetic song and is performing in the fabled closing spot. Because of all of that, I think it stands a good chance of qualifying.

JAMES: Totally agree, he’s got the whole package. I think qualification will be easy, but do suspect it’ll struggle a bit more to stand out in the final. Guess we’ll have to see!


JAMES: The first of the Big 5 performing today, and I’m still not convinced by Alma’s performance. Admittedly, she is giving it a bit more gusto than usual, which is fantastic. But it’s a big stage to fill with just one person and she’s still struggling…

BOGDAN: The first half of the performance is really sterile and despite being really sweet, Alma looks completely lost on that stage. The graphic towards the end of the song makes me like it a little bit more, but it’s such a pity they chose not to have any real choreography in this great dance song.


BOGDAN: I didn’t think I’d like Germany’s song this year, but I do. Do I think it’ll do well? No. But, it’s still really enjoyable.

JAMES: I’m in the same position as Bogdan, I was convinced I’d never really warm to this song, but I have. No, I don’t think Berlin 2018 is a real possibility, but I do feel this will be enough to spare Germany from a 3rd year in last place.


JAMES: Host nation Ukraine rock the arena! I’ve never seen a bad run through of this song and have heard it blasted in the EuroClub repeatedly since I’ve arrived. While some people argue that this kind of music isn’t really suited for Eurovision, I think it’ll tap into a certain demographic and get plenty of votes. Not enough to win on home soil, but enough to place in the top half of the scoreboard.

BOGDAN: Ukraine is definitely a grower for me, as every time they perform they do it flawlessly. It’s great to have a solid rock entry this year and I’m certainly enjoying it! Good job, Ukraine!

JAMES: So now we’re rehearsing the bit where the phone lines are open and Europe starts voting.

BOGDAN: You’ll be pleased to know that Verka makes an appearance during the interval and it’ll have you in stitches!

JAMES: She will, it’s fantastic! LOL

BOGDAN: It just isn’t a Ukrainian Eurovision without Verka!

JAMES: I was really hoping they’d have her host the Green Room

BOGDAN: While the imaginary votes are being counted, we’re being treated to a performance by a modern dance troupe.

JAMES: The rehearsal results are coming in… wonder who won the fake vote? 😉


JAMES: Israel, Serbia, Bulgaria, Belarus and Malta have qualified (not really)

BOGDAN: Ireland, Austria, Croatia, Romania and Switzerland make up the final Top 10!

JAMES: Will these be the names called out on Thursday night? Guess we’ll have to wait and see! 😉

BOGDAN: Thanks for joining us this afternoon, don’t forget to join Richard later tonight for the Jury Rehearsal for Semi Final 2!

JAMES: Thanks guys, see you soon!

So there we have it folks hope you enjoyed. Tune in again at 21.00 CET tonight for the live blog of the Jury Rehearsal of Semi Final 2 which will be brought to you by Richard.

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Author: James Scanlan and Bogdan Scandes.

Source: Eurovision Ireland

All Photos courtesy of

Photo: Thomas Hanses

Photo: Andres Putting

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