Eurovision 2017

#EUROVISION 2017 – Learn Ukrainian for Eurovision!


Welcome to Ukraine! One of the best things about Eurovision is the fact that the contest moves every year, giving us the chance to explore new and exciting places – and of course, try your hand at speaking a new language!

So you’ve made it to Kyiv – don’t just stand there, get chatting! Let’s get speak Ukrainian!

Ukrainian is an East Slavic language spoken by approximately 50 million people worldwide and is the official language of Ukraine. It is closely related to Russian, Belarusian and Polish, and to a lesser extent to other Slavic languages such as Czech, Bulgarian and Serbian. Russian may also come in handy while you’re in Kyiv as it is the first language of about 30% of Ukrainians.

English is more widely spoken in Ukraine than it was in 2005, but if you’re feeling brave and want to jump into the local culture with both feet, then here are some basic phrases in Ukrainian for you to try out!


Hello – Привіт (pri-vyit)

Goodbye – До побачення (do po-ba-chen-nya)

Yes – Так (tak)

No – Ні (ni)

Thank you – Дякую (dya-koo-yoo)

How much does this cost? – Скільки воно коштує? (skil-ki vono kosh-too-ye)

What does this mean? – Що це значить? (sh-cho tse zna-chit)

Do you speak English? – Ви розмовляєте англійською? (vi roz-mov-lya-yete an-glisl-ko-yoo)

I’m lost –

(If you’re a man) Я загубився (ya za-hoo-biv-sya)

(If you’re a woman) Я загубилася (ya za-hu-bi-las-ya)


Are you a witch? – Ви відьма? (vi vidma)

Don’t touch me! – Не чіпай мене! (ne chi-pay me-ne)

Do you have lard? – Маєте сало? (ma-ye-te sa-lo)

Don’t disturb the hen, she is pecking cereals – Не турбуйте курку – клює курка крупку (Ne toor-buy-te kur-ku klyu-ye kur-ka krup-ku)

Still need some help? Check out James giving an impromptu Ukrainian lesson at one of Kyiv’s most famous landmarks!

If you fancy a more in depth look at Eurovision-related Ukrainian phrases, check out Just Enough Ukrainian for Eurovision on Amazon Kindle for all the phrases a Eurovision fan could want!

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Author: James Scanlan

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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