SEMI FINAL #3 for Eurovision Ireland’s #VALENTINE’S Day Couple! Time #GENTLEMEN!


Most everyone has their secret Eurovision crush – now it’s time to let the world know! Over the last week, Eurovision Ireland has posted 6 polls – 3 of the gorgeous girls, 3 of the handsome hunks for you to vote for your favourites and be crowned  Eurovision Ireland’s Valentine’s Couple 2017!

Who will get your vote? Maybe the most beautiful girl you’ve ever laid eyes on? A dashing prince you want to wine and dine you? Or that special someone you want to share a wild night of passion with 😉 Don’t worry if your country didn’t appear in this edition of the poll –there are more coming soon! Cross our candy hearts!

Remember to vote in all our other semi finals!

Semi Final #1 for women is here

Semi Final #1 for men is here!

Semi Final #2 for women is here!

Semi Final #2 for men is here!

Semi Final #3 for women is here!

Below is Semi Final #3 for the gorgeous guys of the Eurovision Song Contest. Remember, the Top 3 from each semi will go to a final round of voting to determine our winners. Then on Valentine’s Day, we’ll reveal our winning couple! THIS IS THE LAST SEMI FINAL FOR MEN – So get voting!

ALBANIA – Luiz Ejlli (ESC 2006)

ALBANIA Luiz esc-plus.JPG

Image Source:

AUSTRIA – Nathan Trent (ESC 2017)


Image Source:

BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA – Hajrudin ‘Hari’ Varešanović (ESC 2006)


Image Source:

CROATIA – Igor Cukrov (ESC 2009)


Image Source:

FRANCE – Amir Haddad (ESC 2016)


Image Source:

GEORGIA – Nodiko Tatishvili (ESC 2013)

GEORGIA Nodiko.png

Image Source:

GREECE – Loukas Giorkas (ESC 2011)


Image Source:

HUNGARY – Gábor ‘Freddie’ Fehérvári (ESC 2016)

HUNGARY Freddie -

Image Source:

ICELAND – Páll Óskar (ESC 1997)

ICELAND Paul visitreykjanes.JPG

Image Source:

IRELAND – Ryan Dolan (ESC 2013)


Image Source:

ISRAEL – Nadav Guedj (ESC 2015)

ISRAEL Nadav -

Image Source:

LATVIA – Justs Sirmais (ESC 2016)


Image Source:

NORWAY – Carl Espen (ESC 2014)

NORWAY Carl pinterest.JPG

Image Source:

RUSSIA – Sergey Lazarev (ESC 2016)

RUSSIA Sergey wiwi.JPG

Image Source:

SPAIN – Ramón del Castillo Palop (ESC 2004)


Image Source:

Made your decisions? Now it’s time to vote! And to spread the love this Valentine’s Day, you can vote for your TOP 3! That’s right! You get THREE whole votes!

Which Eurovision singer would you most like to share Valentine’s Day date with? Are there any singers we’ve missed who you think deserve to be on this list?

Let us know!

Author: James Scanlan

Source: Eurovision Ireland

Image Source: Eurovision Ireland, as listed

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