#POLL for Eurovision Ireland’s #VALENTINE’S Day Couple! Semi Final #1 – Here come the #GIRLS!


Ah, Valentine’s Day… love it or loathe it, we’re stuck with it, so might as well make it interesting with a little game!

When you actually take the time to look back, Eurovision has given us a lot of eye candy from all over the continent. Most everyone has their secret Eurovision crush, so what better way to celebrate the day of love (and surely lust?!) with a democratic poll!

We’ve trawled through the contestants and selected just one man and one woman from all recent competing countries at Eurovision for you to vote for – and believe us when we say, that was hard work choosing just ONE! Who will you vote for? Maybe the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen? The dashing gentlemen you want to sweep you off your feet? Or simply that someone you’d love to share a wild night of passion with – now you can vote for them!

Over the coming week, we’ll be posting 6 polls – 3 of the gorgeous girls, 3 of the handsome hunks for you to choose from. The Top 3 from each semi will go to a final round of voting to determine our winners. On Valentine’s Day, we’ll announce the winning couple and name them Eurovision Ireland’s Valentine’s Couple 2017!

So without further ado, let’s get started with Semi Final #1 and ladies first! Don’t worry if your country didn’t appear in this edition of the poll – it’ll be featured soon, we promise! Cross our candy hearts!

AZERBAIJAN – Aysel Teymurzadeh (ESC 2009)


Image Source:

BELARUS – Alyona Lanskaya (ESC 2013)


Image Source:

BELGIUM – Laura van den Bruel (Iris) (ESC 2012)

BELGIUM Iris - Eurovision

Image Source:

BULGARIA – Poli Genova (ESC 2011, ESC 2016)


Image Source:

CYPRUS – Christina Metaxa (ESC 2009)


Image Source:

CZECH REPUBLIC – Gabriela Gunčíková (ESC 2016)

CZECHIA Gabriela -

Image Source:

DENMARK – Soluna Samay (ESC 2012)

DENMARK Soluna -

Image Source:

ESTONIA – Elina Born (ESC 2015)


Image Source:

GERMANY – Ann Sophie Dürmeyer (ESC 2015)

GERMANY Anne Sophie -

Image Source:

MALTA -Margaret ‘Morena’ Camilleri (ESC 2008)

MALTA Morena -

Image Source:

MOLDOVA – Lidia Isac (ESC 2016)


Image Source:

SERBIA – Jelena Tomašević  (ESC 2008)

SERBIA Jelena -

Image Source:

SLOVENIA – Maja Keuc (ESC 2011)

SLOVENIA Maja Keuc - Wiwblogs.jpg

Image  Source:

SWITZERLAND -Anna Rossinelli (ESC 2011)


Image Source:

UNITED KINGDOM – Lucie Jones (ESC 2017)

UK Lucie -

Image Source:

Made your decisions? Now it’s time to vote! And to spread the love this Valentine’s Day, you can vote for your TOP 3! That’s right! You get THREE whole votes!

New polls coming soon, so keep checking back!

Which Eurovision singer would you most like to share Valentine’s Day date with? Are there any singers we’ve missed who you think deserve to be on this list?

Let us know!

Author: James Scanlan

Source: Eurovision Ireland

Image Source: Eurovision Ireland, as listed

6 replies »

  1. Hello Edith – I have been reading this site for quite some time now and it seems that you have NOTHING good to say about anything.
    Are you in fact a troll?


    A concerned reader.

    • Nothing good to tell ??? Of course I have, I’m a big fan of this site, but I’m also critical. I may speak my mind, may I not ?

    • Laura did almost become the face of Belgium, but I decided to select Iris instead. Laura came 10th in Stockholm, and as Iris didn’t make the final in Baku I decided we should give her another chance. It was also partly personal taste, I just prefer “Would You” over “What’s The Pressure”!

  2. “Are there any singers we’ve missed who you think deserve to be on this list?”
    Loads !! It’s a VERY RANDOM selection: you’ve left out A LOT OF countries and their beauties !

    Futhermore, as I’ve pointed out earlier: this is a very pro-English/pro-Irish site, so of course it’s UK that wins again !

    [But I’m not supposed to take this seriously again, do I ?]

    • Hello Edith! Yes, there are several countries missing from this poll. It’s the first in a series and the other countries will get their chance to show off their beauties in the coming days – so keeping checking back! Much like the Eurovision semi finals, the countries were drawn this way to give an even mix of Big 5, Scandinavian, Balkan, etc.. so we didn’t have them all in one poll. We’re quite happy with the mix! Who did you vote for?

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