Eurovision 2017

#Georgia: Live blog of the National Final – JOIN US from 1700CET


GEORGIA– LIVE BLOG of  the National Final from 1700 CET!!!

Georgia– Join us today at 17:00 CET for our LIVE rolling blog of the Georgian National Final 2017 where 25 acts will compete for a place in Kiev and go on to represent their country in Eurovision 2017. The Final is being beamed live from the Tbilisi Concert Hall.

You can watch the show live here at 17:00 CET and just refresh our page here to get the views, comments and points of view from Andrew Main who you will know from previous musings  here at Eurovision Ireland and his sparkling charm and witty repartee should keep you entertained… or bored to hell, who knows!!

You can also see my review of all the songs in tonight’s Final here.



The 25 Acts tonight are :

1. Giorgi Chikovani – Make it Right
2. Brandon Stone & Eteri Beriashvili – Heyo Song
3. Rati Durglishvili – Why
4. Andria Gvelesiani – Revolutionise
5. Alisa Danelia- We Are Eternity
6. Nutsa Buzaladze – White Horses Run
7. Maliibu- We Live Once
8. Group EOS – Urban Signs
9. Dima Kobeshavidze- Scream
10. Trio Mandili – “Me da Shen” (You and Me)
11. Tako Gachechiladze – Keep the Faith
12. Nino Basharuli- Lileo
13. Elene Mikiashvili- Fighter
14. MISHO- Magic
15. Mariko Lejava – Light it Up
16. Group The Mins – Crime
17. Group Sparkle,  – On The Top
18. Tornike Kipiani- You Are My Sunshine
19. Temo Sajaia – All The Same
20. Sabina Chantouria – Stranger
21. Mariam Chachkhiani- Fly
22. Group Asea Sool – Nature
23. Nanuka Giorgobiani – Let The Sunshine In
24. Oto Nemsadze & Group Limbo- Dear God
25. Davit Shanidze- “Mtvris Katsi”(Man of Dust)

The results will be decided by a mix of public SMS vote and professional jury. Soon we will find out who will succeed in taking on the Georgian golden ticket from Nika Kocharov and the Young Georgian Lolitaz who reached the Grand Final last year.




So sit back and get ready for Andrew to give you his spin on tonight’s offerings from Georgia – JUST REFRESH THE PAGE for the up to date comments – at your own risk!


So the show begins with an intro from a host with the artists behind her. Then we move to the main auditorium. We are in for an arduous marathon of a show tonight which will last 3 hours and contains 25 contenders to represent Georgia in Kiev in May. The artists are introduced one at a time walking down into the auditorium towards the stage. Then the hostess talks to us until the artists move offstage. We have two other hosts joining her on stage. So 2 ladies and a gent. We are introduced to the jury who have an international flavour.



We are now watching a VT of all the artists drawing their performance number.

Song 1 – Giorgi Chikovani – Make it Right  

Giorgi has the task of singing first tonight and he is in black centre stage with a band around him. A classic sounding rock ballad here and a good rock vocal too. Yea I like this as an opener and it has enough power and energy to keep the interest going. But its a long night so whether it will be remembered enough?



Song 2 – Brandon Stone & Eteri Beriashvili – Heyo Song 

A bit of a funky feel going on here with some electronic beats. A male/female duo who seem to have good harmony together. We also have a rapper on stage halfway through. Its an ok mid tempo sort of song which I don’t think has enough going on to give a good chance.




Song 3 – Rati Durglishvili – Why 

Another male ballad up next and its very melodic almost rocky too. It reminds me a bit of George Michael in its feel an presentation. Its a perfectly nice song but again I don’t think it has enough to stand out at Eurovision.



Song 4 – Andria Gvelesiani – Revolutionise 

A slow burner of a song up next, Andria on his own has some nice vocals and the song moves and builds with its orchestration from time to time. But it never kicks of completely as it keeps falling back into its slumber. Not bad overall but alas its not going to go to Kiev methinks.


Song 5 –  Alisa Danelia- We Are Eternity

The first female ballad of the night. Alisa has a lovely flowing dress on and there is lots of colour on the backdrop during the performance. This has a nice feel to it and is the best on offer so far. The vocals are a little bit strained toward the end.


Song 6 – Nutsa Buzaladze – White Horses Run 

Another female ballad up next and this one has a bit more of a pop feel to it. Nutsa has a good vocal range and wears a hooded top with gold decoration. We have big white wings on the backdrop behind her. We also have a semi clad set of male dancers onstage with her. The staging has at least been thought through which I think helps the song. This is pretty decent.


Song 7 – Maliibu- We Live Once 

A deep dark ballad with a talking intro and some heavy beats and electronic synths going on here. Maliibu has striking pink hair and wears dark in keep with the darkness of the song. Its an interesting song and may be memorable enough to do quite well.


Song 8 – Group EOS – Urban Signs 

Eos are giving us a song that has heavy hints of prog rock and they are a 4 piece band.  I really like this kind of music its a heavy song with deep rock vocals but its not what everyone wants to see at Eurovision. I would love to see it there but whether its chosen over some of the other lighter songs we shall see.


Song 9 – Dima Kobeshavidze- Scream 

A mid tempo song now that has hints of a modern feel to it. Dima is wearing a striped black and white top and the stage is brightly lit from behind. Lots of electronic drum beats going on and the vocals are better than I was expecting. Not a bad little song actually. May do better than I expected.


Song 10 – Trio Mandili – “Me da Shen” (You and Me)

Now this has really woken us up. Something in Georgian and very ethnic and catchy. Has a good strong beat to it. The vocal  harmonies are a bit off to be honest but I still love the feel of this song and think it would do well at Eurovision.


Song 11 – Tako Gachechiladze – Keep the Faith 

This reminds me a bit of being a Bond theme type of song. Strong piano accompaniment and good strong vocals from Tako who is dressed in an elegant glittery bronze dress. It has lots of gusto to it as well as a good key change too. Might do quite well.


Song 12 – Nino Basharuli- Lileo

A moody ethnic feeling ballad now which has lots of drama to it. A good range from low to high vocals well performed by Nino. But whether it would appeal to a wider audience in Europe and beyond, I am not so sure.


Song 13 – Elene Mikiashvili- Fighter 

Now this is more like it for Eurovision. A modern sounding mid tempo pop song from Elene. She is an a deep red dress and has some nice attitude in her vocals. Yes this could very well thank you.


Song 14 – MISHO- Magic 

Another modern sounding song up next with a heavy electronic beat to it, It is also a total mix in styles with an operatic interlude thrown in for good measure. I prefer the electronic sounds. But overall its an interesting song for sure.


Song 15 – Mariko Lejava – Light it Up

Back now to another modern pop song. It has a good start then morphs into a bit of a dance track. It has a good feel to it. Mariko is in black and has a couple of female dancers with her on stage. Yes this would fit in nicely at Eurovision.


Song 16 – Group The Mins – Crime

The Mins are a four piece band and their song sounds a lot like Coldplay. Its a good song and this kind of song has a big fan base and could do quite well if chosen as it would probably stand out in Eurovision if the usual pop and ballads is mainly chosen.


Song 17- Group Sparkle  – On The Top 

Sparkle are three girls who look very good together. This is an instantly likeable uptempo funky song that that is extremely catchy and memorable. It jumps into a great dance beat too its ticking lots of boxes for me. This must be in with a chance surely.



Song 18 – Tornike Kipiani- You Are My Sunshine 

Wow this is different. A heavy trance like beat to it. Its a bit far out man and perhaps too far out for Eurovision. No this wouldn’t work in Kiev sorry. In a nightclub with lots of drugs yes.


Song 19 – Temo Sajaia – All The Same 

Temo brings us a mid tempo ballad which is quite anthemic in the chorus. Not too bad as far as it goes. He looks good in his blue suit and sings well. But I don’t see this doing much tonight.


Song 20 – Sabina Chantouria – Stranger

Quite a folksy guitar feel to this song which starts of mid tempo and then cuts into a more uptempo beat in the chorus. Its a very pleasant song actually and easy on the ear and Sabina is lovely in her long glittery dress. Might do ok.


Song 21 – Mariam Chachkhiani- Fly 

A short dramatic intro turns into a big sweeping ballad. Some good vocals here and the song has a good feel to it. Probably the best voice of the night. Yes I like this one a lot and hope it goes close in the end.


Song 22 – Group Asea Sool – Nature

A slow song here which plods along all the way through. The female vocal is very dramatic and totally helps the song stand out more. If it w as chosen for the vocals then fine but the songs pace is the big let down.


Song 23 – Nanuka Giorgobiani – Let The Sunshine In 

This had funky written all over it. A very funky beat along with a almost disjointed funky vocal, the song seems to jump about not knowing what it is really. The funkiness might save it as it does stand out. But hmmmm otherwise. Oh did I mention it was funky?


Song 24 – Oto Nemsadze & Group Limbo- Dear God 

Guitar based dong that is somewhere between soft and heavy rock at times. The song starts slow but does have a nice build to it. I like this one too but don’t think it will get chosen over other songs tonight.


Song 25 – Davit Shanidze- “Mtvris Katsi”(Man of Dust)

An older style male ballad to finish that has some rock elements in it. It is the second song in Georgian and does build quite well and leans heavily on a strong sax element too. Yes this is a lot better than expected and is a good finish to the show.


Well that’s it folks we have no more songs. Somewhere in amongst all those we have a winner who is going to Kiev. Which one it is will be revealed in just under an hour as we endure more ad breaks and a voting period. The result will be a mix of public and jury votes.

As to who I think might win tonight well I can narrow it down to about 5 songs. I feel both the groups Sparkle and The Mins are in with a shout as well at the ethnic song from Mandili. If its going to go to a solo I favour a couple of the girls namely Mariko Lejava and Elene Mikiashvili.

The hosts are explaining the voting now and we are getting a run through of all the songs again.

We are now having a look at the hosts this year in Kiev. We see the sites and the venue. I am looking forward to going back to the city after my first visit 12 years ago.

After another recap we now have last years representatives Nika Kocharov and the Young Georgian Lolitaz reprising their song from last year.


Ok we are getting the jury votes first and the first set from 1 to 25 but I have no idea who got what as scoreboard is all in Georgian. So we get a set from each of the four jurors but I still have no idea who is winning.

So it seems we have 5 superfinalists on the stage.

And the winner is Tako Gachechiladze – Keep the Faith  who won by 15 points from Nutsa Buzaladze.

Well I certainly got that wrong but it is a decent song so good luck to her and Georgia in Kiev.

Thank you for joining me and hope you enjoyed the show. Till next time Goodbye. xx




Author – Andrew James Main

Source: Eurovision Ireland, GPB

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