Eurovision 2017

#BELARUS: Live blog of National Final -Join Us from 20.00 CET


Belarus – Join us tonight at 20:00 CET for our LIVE rolling blog of the national final to select a song for the contest in neighbouring Kyiv. Thirteen acts will compete for the #goldenticket.

You can watch the show live here and just refresh our page here to get the views and comments. Will your favourite win?


1 July “Children of the World”
2 Lexy Weaver “Be Stronger”
3 Vladislav Kurasov “Follow the Play”
4 NAVI “Historyja majho žyccia” (Story of my life)
5 Isaac Nightingale “On the Red Line”
6 Kattie “Wild Wind”
7 Nuteki “Take My Heart”
8 NAPOLI “Let’s Come Together”
9 Nikita Hodas “Voices In My Head”
10 Angelica Pushnova “We Should Be Together”
11 Anastasiya Sheverenko “We’ll Be Together”
12 Lermont x Julic “Heartbeat”
13 PROvokatsiya “#mylove”

Televoting and a jury will decide the winner. There might even be some guest stars performing too! What more could you want?


It’s started! I love Belarus. Not quite got it deep inside though. First on is Ivan. Sorry, IVAN! He’s still singing about flying. But he’s lost the Tipp-ex (R) lines.


Our hosts are Olga Ryzhikova, which you might know, and Teo, which you cheesecake lovers should know.

We have a group of jurors introduced. All very serious looking people, who are bound to know a good song when they hear it.

The good people of Belarus are being given the numbers to call to vote vote vote for their favourites. The jury and televoting results will be combined to give us a winner.

And here’s the sophisticated trophy tonight’s baker’s dozen are competing for:


Anyway, onto the songs!

  1. July – Children of the world

July looks happy to be there, and kicks us off in optimistic style. Her main prop is a big big drum that would impress any percussion expert. It’s all CND and perhaps a little distracting. Herself looks earnest in her delivery and the whole effect is not bad. A good opener.


2 – Lexy Weaver – Be stronger

Lexy’s all downbeat and has some very visible earphones, and three darkly-dressed backing singers. She means what she sings, but it doesn’t really appeal to me. On the plus side, she has a good voice.


3 – Vladislav Kurasov – Follow the play

Vlad has an outfit to remember. It’s a blacl jacket with long shredded sleeves. Apart from that he’s going for the Justin Bieber vote – if Bieber is popular around these parts. He also has a voice than can only be described as falsetto, and it doesn’t quite seem to fit with both his look and what he’s singing about. The crowd like it though.


4 – NAVIBAND – Historyja majho žyccia

Our only non-English song is an immediate crowd-pleaser and the first real contender. They’ve struck a chord with every red-blooded Belarusian with this, and it’s very very jolly and upbeat. Maybe there are too many ‘Hey hey’s in it. But it didn’t do Ruslana any harm.


5 – Isaac Nightingale – On the red line

Isaac looks like he’s just come from his job as a quantity surveyor. He’s on stage alone, save for some tasteful red lights. I’m struggling slightly with his intonation, but I think he’s singing about how can we all get along together. If this were mixed right, it might make a decent floor-filler. But as a winner, I don’t think it will be.


6 – Kattie – Wild wind

This pretty young blonde takes the pace down a little, with a ballad that could be straight out of a Nordic national final. I’d describe it as a builder, with a slightly subtle start that gets stronger during the song. And for you prop fans, we have a wind machine. Yeh!!! Kattie means well, but some of the vocal appears a little off. Maybe she should try again in a few years time.


7 – Nuteki – Take my heart

It’s prop time again. And this time it’s a cage. Mr singer is ‘chained up’ in it, surrounded by two dancers who are, we assume, his prison warders. I’m concerned that this might detract from what is a half-decent song. There’s a good verse, a good chorus, and it’s a little Litesound. But less challenging to the singer. Thankfully by the end of the song, he’s unshackled and uncaged. This could do something.


8 – NAPOLI – Let’s come together

Our girl NAP is colourful. Very colourful. Almost rainbow-colourful. Is she after a certain market? Her song definitely catches eye and ear. The song is in the ‘it’s going to get better’ category, which isn’t a bad thing. There’s a nice little vibe, and it’s possibly the third song tonight so far that can win.


9 – Nikita Hodas – Voices in my head

Nikita also goes for the very visible white earphones. He looks a little angst-ridden, but the song has that sort of feel to it. He’s even alone on a very minimal stage. And then he starts talking. It’s a song contest, is it not? For the final chorus, we go from a black stage to a white stage, revealing three backing singers discreetly stage left. One of them looks like he’s a waiter. It’s all very incongruous.


10 – Angelica Pushnova – We should be together

I’m not sure whether it’s a good thing or not, but there’s a very subtle look of Carola about Angelica. And to be fair, it’s a song right up Carola’s street. Bouncy, a tad Schlager-like, and with a definite hook. I like it, although Angelica didn’t need to glam up quite as much. She’s attractive as she is. This is an excellent song. A definite top four tonight.


11 – Anastasiya Sheverenko – We’ll be together

A song with a similar title to the previous, but that’s where the similarity ends. Ana is in a seductive red outfit. She also seems to know what she’s doing. It’s an OK song, but with some really credible songs among the 13, this might just fall by the wayside. However, I wouldn’t discount its chances, and it would make an ideal song for second chance contests or the like.


12 – Lermont x Julic – Heartbeat

The crowd like these even before they’ve started singing. L and J have an interesting vibe about them. A decent song, sung by a couple of uncles who do their best to be trendy. The dad-dancing makes it even more watchable, but maybe not for the right reasons. It makes me smile, but it’s not a winner sadly.


13 – PROvokatsiya – #mylove

Finally, we see more unexpected CAPITAL letters in an act name. Our two likely lads are in white suits and dry ice. They have an assortment of dancers too. The song doesn’t know whether it should be a ballad or something more mid-tempo, so might get lost down the crack in between. It’s not that badly performed, but is very very contrived.


The lines are now open! Olga and Teo tell us to vote vote vote. By telephone or by SMS! It’s bound to yield the right result – right?


The phone lines have closed, and we have a winner somewhere. Will the jury and televoters agree? Stay tuned to find out

The televotes are in! They are look like this.


Before any more, we get Vitaly and his amazing dancing polar bears. What? You don’t believe me?


One interval song is never enough, so here’s Alen Hit! And then it’s the dulcet tones of Shir!


To round things off – careful now), here’s Tasha.


And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve even had Uzari with his funky new haircut. He’s Maimuna-less. To finish – we hope – here’s Teo in a funky yellow jacket.


We get another song from IVAN, but you know what he looks like already.

It’s results time – at last. Will PROvokatsiya hold on? No! It’s NAVIBAND!!


This means a song in Belarusian is going to Kyiv! Are you happy with this? Tell us what you think!

Thanks for reading. And good night!


Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland, BTRC


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  1. It’s only taken them 14 years but finally Belarus send an entry in their native tongue!

    Lively, a crowd pleaser, I think this might get Belarus back in the Final…

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