Which Countries are Eurovision 2016 Youtube’s favourites (30 March)?


Can You Predict The Eurovision Winner From the YouTube Hits? Photo : computimesinc

Can You Predict The Eurovision Winner From the YouTube Hits? Photo : computimesinc

As you’ll know, we’ve been watching how many hits the 43 official videos for this year’s songs have been doing. If you go to the official Eurovision Youtube channel HERE, you too can watch them and perhaps influence the results. Other channels may also offer the videos, but this is the only chart that counts!

There have been a few moves in the top 10, as at 1900 CET on 30 March, and one country seems to be climbing steadily. Is it one of your favourites?


1(1) Poland
2(2) Australia
3(4) France
4(3) Bulgaria
5(5) Serbia
6(8) Armenia
7(7) Azerbaijan
8(6) Malta
9(10) Spain
10(9) Croatia


France continues to climb, and Armenia and Azerbaijan swap places.


11(12) Russia
12(13) Bosnia & Herzegovina
13(14) Czech Republic
14(15) Netherlands
15(11) Italy
16(16) Belgium
17(17) Greece
18(18) Sweden
19(22) Ukraine
20(19) Albania


Ukraine moves up into the top 20 and Italy drops after its new video ‘bounce’.


21(21) Iceland
22(23) Macedonia
23(24) Cyprus
24(25) Israel
25(26) Germany
26(20) San Marino
27(29) United Kingdom
28(43) Belarus
29(28) Denmark
30(27) Austria


After some indifferent showings, Belarus has a new video


31(32) Hungary
32(31) Estonia
33(30) Montenegro
34(34) Lithuania
35(33) Norway
36(35) Moldova
37(36) Finland
38(37) Switzerland
39(38) Latvia
40(41) Ireland
41(39) Georgia
42(40) Romania
43(42) Slovenia


Freddie from Hungary is on the climb.



So how are your favourites doing? Are the climbing?


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Author: John Stanton


Source: Eurovision Ireland

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  1. And to get my point this is the official eurovision youtube chanel link for Freddie with over 860000 views

  2. Freddie from Hungary is much more higher eben in the eurovision official youtube he has over 700000 views and 1.5 million on other youtube.This list is incomplete, you guys do not have the right information.

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