G’day guys, I’m back! So in my previous article, I wrote a little bit about 5 of the artists who’ll be competing on the 09th of February for the Australian public’s vote.

Here are the next 5!

Leea Nanos – “Set Me Free”

Leea Nanos, I don’t know anything about her apart from she’s young , very young (16)! Her song sounds really good though. I can’t seem to find much about her online. I wish her luck but I don’t think she’ll rank very high if Australia send her to Eurovision.

Mark Vincent – “This Is Not the End”

Mark Vincent is an Australia’s Got Talent alumni. He actually won the 3rd season in 2009! He is a tenor and at only 25 years of age, his voice is amazing. I am having trouble visualising Mark on the Eurovision stage though but with enough votes from the elderly and the stay at home mums, he could just win this thing!

Sheppard – “On My Way”

Sheppard are an indie pop band from Brisbane. This was another name I was very excited to see on the Eurovision list! In 2014, they had their first No. 1 song with “Geronimo”, which spent three weeks at No. 1 on the Australian singles chart. It knocked Pharrell Williams (“Happy”) from
the top spot after its 12-week run. It also reached the top 10 in Austria, Germany, Italy, New Zealand and Poland. 3 of the band members are siblings, can they get along at Eurovision and take the crown for Australia?

Fun Fact: These guys were considered to represent Australia at Eurovision back in 2015 but lost out to Guy Sebastian!

Tania Doko – “Piece Of Me”

Tania Doko is 44 and hails from Melbourne! Tania was a member of the Australian 90’s band Bachelor Girl. Please hold for a second while their most famous song “Buses and Trains” runs through my head and I pretend that I’m 12 years old again! Ok, I’m good …. “Buses and Trains” also charted in the top 30 in Sweden and the UK. Tania had great success in the 90’s and I’m really happy to see her face in the public eye again.

Courtney Act – “Fight for Love”

And last, but not least – Courtney Act (real name Shane Gilberto Jenek). Courtney is Australian Drag Queen, pop singer and reality TV star. She was on the first season of Australian Idol and you all remember Guy Sebastian who performed for Australia back in 2015. Guy was the winner of that season! You may be more familiar with Courtney’s more recent work on season 6 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, she did make the top 3. She also won season 21 of Celebrity Big Brother (UK) in 2018. Courtney would be the most recognisable name on the list and would generate a lot of hype if she was to represent Australia at Eurovision.

What another fantastic year in which Australia gets to showcase it’s amazing talent. I hope you enjoy Australia’s show on the 09th of February and may the best artist win!

See ya’ later alligators,

Author: Sade Akintola

Source: SBS Australia

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