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They say it comes in threes. First, we gave you an article about cities we’d love to see host Eurovision. You guys reading out there gave us so much feedback on our choices, that soon after another list of potential host cities followed. And still you wanted more!


So, once again Eurovision Ireland regular and wandering writer James went off around the continent to prepare one more list of cities we’d love to see host the Eurovision Song Contest. And as we promised, this time we’ll look at cities in countries that have already won our illustrious contest – enjoy!




Oh, how unhappy many of you were that Barcelona didn’t feature sooner on our lists! Oh ye of little faith! Of course we were going to include it! How could we not? Combining beaches, high culture and fine dining all crowned by beautiful Gaudi architecture, Barcelona is a real traveller’s gem. There were even rumours back in 2007 that in the event of a Eurovision victory for Andorra, Barcelona would be host contest – maybe not surprising when you consider Andorra la Vella has a population of 22,256 compared with Barcelona’s over 1.6 million!! Would you say yay if Spain won and we got to go to Barcelona? ¡Claro que sí!

Image Credit: ActionScape


EiaD 5.6.JPG


Small yet dynamic, the Welsh capital has undergone massive regeneration over the last few years and has a new lease of life. With an ancient castle at its heart and a modern waterside quarter filled with bars, restaurants and cultural attractions, Cardiff is also the greenest city in the United Kingdom. It might be a relatively small place, but the Welsh capital has a huge heart and spirit that it’s hard not to be captivated by. Wales might not yet enter as an independent state, but Welsh singer Jessica Garlick was the last contestant to get the UK a spot in the Top 3 back in 2003 – surely that alone is enough to warrant a Welsh hosting!

Image Credit: James Scanlan




Once known as Petrograd, then Leningrad, Russia’s window on Europe was the Imperial capital of the whole country until 1918. Moscow may have taken the title of capital, but the second largest city in Russia is still an incredible place! Filled with grand palaces, stunning cathedrals and impressive museums, St Petersburg is a world-class destination that awes thousands of tourists every year – what more could you want in a Eurovision host city?! Can Sergei bring Russia their second Eurovision victory? According to a poll we carried out here at Eurovision Ireland, he’s definitely one of your favourites!

Image Credit: Wikitravel




Originally a City State, Germany’s ‘Gateway to the World’ is also the 2nd busiest port in Europe. A cosmopolitan and liberal city, Hamburg suffered heavy damage during the Second World War, but still retained some of its historic core. With its theatres, night life and harbour, Hamburg definitely isn’t short of things to do – and yes, hamburgers were invented here too (at least, everyone presumes so!)  Germany is the most recent of the Big 5 to win the contest and Hamburg narrowly lost out on hosting Eurovision 2011 to Düsseldorf – can Jamie-Lee bring yet another victory to Germany and maybe even to Hamburg?

Image Credit: Wikitravel




Nestled in the Alps on the shores of a pristine lake, Geneva is a city that is already used to welcoming representatives from other nations. One of the world’s major centres of international diplomacy, the League of Nations (a forerunner to the UN) was headquartered here, as is the Red Cross and many of the UN’s agencies. In such an international city, Eurovision will feel right at home! The last time Switzerland sent a Canadian singer to Eurovision, it worked out very well for them – are they hoping lightening will strike twice?

Image Credit: Four Seasons Magazine

But what do you think? Do you agree with these choices? Where would you like to see host Eurovision? Where do you think it will go next year?

Let us know where you want to go!

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Author : James Scanlan

Source : Eurovision Ireland

4 replies »

  1. I’d add Tel-Aviv to that list.
    I follow the ESC for the last 20 years (since ’96), and Jerusalem in general (and Israel in particular) were the best host city and country. I will go to the ESC party in Tel-aviv this year and hope it will kick some asses with joy and fun.
    Nevertheless, I’ll go wherever the ESC will be.

  2. I have been a follower of Eurovision since sandie shaw won for the UK I feel it is political but still enjoy it the UK never stand a chance my predication for this year is Russia

    • Russia has a great song this year, the team here love it! Do you think St Petersburg would make a good host city?

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