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Well, well, well! Our last article on potential Eurovision host cities certainly got you all talking out there! Many of you took to social media to congratulate and agree with our choices – and many more of you did to ask why we hadn’t included your home towns and favourite travel destinations!


So, in response to your comments and suggestions, Eurovision Ireland sent seasoned traveller James out across Europe to prepare another list of cities we’d love to see host the Eurovision Song Contest in the years to come. Like the last article, these host cities are in countries that have yet to win the contest. We’ll look at new host cities in veteran countries another time 😉





Known as the Pearl of the Danube, the beautiful Hungarian capital has become one of the definitive stops on any European travel itinerary. A vibrant city with a classical façade of palaces, churches and museums, Budapest is perfect for sightseeing. On top of this, it is also home to more thermal springs than any other capital city in the world – meaning you’ll have the perfect place to unwind after taking in Budapest’s energetic night light and all the excitement of Eurovision! Can Freddie bring Hungary their first Eurovision victory for 2017? Some of you certainly seem to think so!

Image Credit: James Scanlan





A fortress city named after a Frenchman and built by Italians to repel an Ottoman invasion (I’m not kidding!) Valletta is one of the smallest capital cities in the world. But don’t for a second think that means it’s short on attractions! A living museum with a fascinating history, the Maltese capital is also surrounded by deep blue waters of the Mediterranean – Eurovision and the seaside?! What more could you ask for! Malta has come close to winning twice. Are all their successes at Junior Eurovision paving the way for their first ever Eurovision Song Contest victory? Let’s hope so! This island paradise is beautiful in May!

Image Credit: James Scanlan





Colourful and lively, the Albanian capital was under a strict and isolating dictatorship for almost 60 years. Even today, it’s relatively unexplored compared to other European cities, which makes it all the more fascinating! With a mixture of architectural styles, from Ottoman Turkish to Classical Italian, Tirana is a place where old tradition collides with the modern world with a frenetic buzz of energy. Besides all this, wouldn’t it be exciting to invite everyone to come together and explore one of the continent’s least travelled countries and host Eurovision somewhere truly unique? We certainly think so!

Image Credit: James Scanlan





Poland’s capital was somewhere that kept coming up in the comments across social media after the last article was published. And why not – it’s an amazing place! After over 85% of the city was reduced to rubble during the Second World War, the city’s Old Town was painstakingly restored using as much of the original bricks and artwork as was possible. What better way to celebrate peace and friendship than in city that rose from the ashes of war? Edyta Górniak almost brought Poland a win on their very first try back in 1994 and she’s singing in the Polish national selection again this year… is she back to finish what she started?

Image Credit:




A relaxed city of alleyways and impressive stone buildings perched on 7 hills, Lisbon’s charm makes it a firm favourite with travellers from all over the world. On top of this, having a warm climate and the Atlantic Ocean on its doorstep gives the Portuguese capital all the ingredients that would make for a fantastic Eurovision host city! But now for the big question:- will it ever happen? Finland had to wait over 40 years for their first victory and Portugal are almost at half a century without a Eurovision win. Can they pull off the seemingly impossible? We’re all willing them to do it! Come on Portugal! Come back in 2017 and give it your all!!

Image Credit:


But what do you think? Do you agree with these choices? Where would you like to see host Eurovision? Where do you think it will go next year?

Let us know where you want to go!


Author : James Scanlan

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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      • And of course us Brits would be loved like gods – coming from the home of the great Sir Norman Wisdom? I’ll get my cap and perfect my falling down routine 🙂

        • Yes, Mr Wisdom is indeed revered in Albania – so that’s the interval act sorted! 😉

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