Eurovision 2016

GERMANY : Jamie-Lee Kriewitz Will go to Eurovision 2016 – A Good Choice?

9 Ghost

Germany have selected and NO DRAMA this year – YAY!

Germany carried out their search to find their represent for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest tonight. Have they picked the song that’ll bring their third victory?

If you were following our LIVE BLOG from tonight, you’ll already know who is representing Germany in Stockholm.

In case you missed it, our winner is Jamie-Lee Kriewitz with the song “Ghost”

What do you think of the results? Is this Germany’s third winner at the contest?

Don’t be shy – Comment Below!

Author: Garrett Mulhall

Source:  Eurovision Ireland

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  1. I was sorry Alex Diehl didn’t go through as I thought his song was very emotional and would have resonated with people all across Europe. However, Jamie-Lee Kriewitz was my second choice so best of luck to her!

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