POLL : What Is Your Favourite Song of Eurovision 2016 as of March 8th?

Poll March 8th

What is your favourite of Eurovision 2016 so far as of March 8th? 33 Songs selected and 10 left to come!

We have had several new edition to the Eurovision class of 2016 with Macedonia, Russia, Estonia and Romania to name a few.

So let’s take an International Poll to see what song you like the most so far? VOTE, SHARE, COMMENT, LIKE and SUBSCRIBE

You can pick your favourite 5 songs if you like and you can vote once per day!


Remember that Albania will be presenting a new song for Eneda to sing at Eurovision but we will keep her current song in the contest until her new release.

Need a reminder of the songs then check out our playlist.

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So who is your favourite for Eurovision 2016? Is there a Eurovision winner there already? We want to hear from you!

Comment BELOW – Don’t be shy!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Nicky Byrne’s gonna win ESC 2016 with his fab song “Sunlight” no matter how much negativity & disbelief are thrown at him! Because he knows how to rise above all the darkness & shine!! Nothing’s gonna stop him!!

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